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ELIT 17 Introduction to Shakespeare


 ELIT 17 Fall 2017 Syllabus

Essay Guidelines

Grading Rubric for Traditional Essay and for Sonnet/Play

Revision and Guidelines

Scene Enactments

Scene Enactment Checklist of Points

ELIT 17 Fall 2017 Presentations

ELIT 17 Fall 2017 Presentations with Names

Presentation PowerPoints from Group Work

Presentation #1 Religion/Order of the World

Presentation #2 Mythology and Folklore

Presentation Clothing

Original Pronunciation in Shakespeare’s day

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) by The Reduced Shakespeare Company. Side splitting funny 90 minutes of all the Shakespeare plays. A must see.


Index Cards

Ice Breaker

Shakespeare Biography Questions

A&E Biography William Shakespeare: A Life of Drama

Introduction to Sonnets and Literary Criticism

Guide to Poetry Scansion

Hip Hop and the Sonnets – Akala, the hip hop artist, demonstrates and explores the connections between Shakespeare and Hip-Hop, and the wider cultural debate around language and it’s power. Got to around 5 minutes to hear sonnet 18

Flowcabulary – More Hip Hop Shakespeare (Midsummer Act 2 Scene 1)

John Green’s Crash Course Sonnets

Week 2

Presentation #1 Religion/Order of the World

Introduction to the Comedies  by Northrop Frye Anatomy of Criticism

Characteristics of the Comedies Shakespearean Comedy

Midsummer Night’s Dream midsummer

Discussion Questions

Interesting Articles:

The Missing Child in A Midsummer Night's Dream by Thomas R. Frosch

1935 Midsummer (Directed by William Dieterie and Max Reinhardt). Lots of use of Felix Mendelson's music. Puck played by a very young Mickey Rooney and Bottom played by James Cagney.

1968 Midsummer (Directed by Sir Peter Hall and using The Royal Shakespeare Academy’s cast of actors — including Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Ian Holm). This version is hippy trippy. Naked and green fairly world.

1999 Midsummer (All star cast – Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, Rupert Everett, Calista Flockhart, Stanley Tucci)

Gender Roles in Midsummer: Not bad Prezi on the traditional and subverted roles in Midsumer

Infinite thanks to Tuan who introduced me to Thug Notes. Pure Genius. Here’s the Midsummer Thug Notes

Mythology in Midsummer Night's Dream


Week 3- Week 4


Much Ado About Nothing muchadopic

Discussion Questions

Extra Credit: Answer the questions analyzing the 1993 Kenneth Branaugh Film Production Much Ado About Nothing film

1993 Kenneth Branaugh Much Ado Trailer

‘Returned from the Wars’: Comedy and Masculine Post-war Character in Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing Much Ado ‘Returned from the Wars_

Interesting Video Interview of Much Ado and Feminism from University of Wisconsin

2013 Modern Version of Much Ado

David Tennet Much Ado – Interesting Cross Dressing Mask

Sassy Gay Friend – Othello Perhaps if Hero had a sassy gay friend, she would have avoided her situation.


Week 5


taming  Taming of the Shrew


Discussion Questions

Film Adaptations


Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton 1967 directed by Franco Zeffirelli


“Shakespeare Re-told” Modern Taming of the Shrew with Rufus Sewell as Petruchio 2005


10 Things I  Hate About You 1999 modern Taming of the Shrew with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles


Kiss Me Kate 1948 Musical by Cole Porter


Literary Criticism


“Tranio Transformed: Social Anxieties and Social Metamorphosis in The Taming of the Shrew”  by Sonya L. Brockman of University of North Carolina TranioTransformed

"Queer Renaissance Dramaturgy, Shakespeare’s Shrew, and the Deconstruction of Marriage" by 

David L. Orvis


"The Public, the Private, and the Shaming of the Shrew" by Gary Schneider


Week 6

Midterm Preview

Midterm Checklist of Points


Week 7

Conventions of Tragedy

Conventions of Tragedy Abbreviated

Conventions of Shakepearean Tragedy Shmoop Video

Romeo and Juliet romeo and juliet

Discussion Questions

Character Analysis Activity

Film Adaptations

West Side Story 1961

1968 Romeo and Juliet directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Starring Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey

1996 Romeo and Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann. Starrling Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes

2013 Romeo and Juliet with Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet

2013 Warm Bodies - Romeo is reduced to one letter R and is a zombie. Juliet is a zombie killer and her father is trying to keep them apart.

Shakespeare in Love 1998 - Biographical Fiction on Shakespeare's inspiration for Romeo and Juliet

Reduced Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

Thug Notes Romeo and Juliet

Crash Course Romeo and Juliet

Sassy Gay Friend - Romeo and Juliet

Literary Criticism

"Juliet's Taming of Romeo" by Carolyn E. Brown

 "The Language of Paradox in Romeo and Juliet " by Joseph S. M. J. Chang

Hamlet          Hamlet pic

Discussion Questions 

Film Adaptations

1. 1996 Hamlet directed by Kenneth Branaugh - Over fours hours long and set in the 19th century. Probably my favorite Hamlet film.

2. 1990 Hamlet directed by Franco Zeffirelli starring Mel Gibson and Glen Close

3. 2000 Hamlet starring Ethan Hawke

4. 1948 Hamlet starring Lawrence Olivier

5. 2009 Hamlet starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart

6. Reduced Shakespeare - Hamlet

7. Sassy Gay Friend Hamlet

8. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead directed by Tom Stoppard


1. Thug Notes Hamlet

2. Crash Course - Hamlet

Literary Criticism

1. "Assembling the Ophelia Fragments: Gender, Genre, and Revenge in Hamlet"

2. "The Mousetrap of Hamlet's Mystery"

3. "Gertrude's Elusive Libido and Shakespeare's Unreliable Narrators"

4. "Shakespeare in (Same-sex) Love"










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