About Me

Don't Panic! ~Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


My first time at De Anza was as a student after graduating from Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, and I am now an instructor in the English and Technical Writing Departments at the college. Prior to teaching here, my work life includes teaching positions at SFSU, SJSU, CSM and the UC/SFSU Prison Outreach Project at San Quentin, as well as 25 years in high-tech sales, marketing and business development. I have taught at De Anza since 2008, led the college district's week-long trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for three years, and have lived in the Bay Area much of my life.

Classes I Teach

Fall 2018

21918EWRT 210Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking
23987EWRT 216Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking
24606EWRT 220Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking
25023EWRT 2H16HCritical Reading, Writing and Thinking - HONORS
25024EWRT 2H20HCritical Reading, Writing and Thinking - HONORS

Course Syllabi

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