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"Foster a healthy curiosity about yourself, others, and the world so that your life remains interesting, enjoyable, and fulfilling" - Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas

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Course Syllabi


Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Professional Development Training
M.A., Northwestern University; B.A. Psychology, University of CA, Santa Barbara; B.A. Sociology, University of CA, Santa Barbara
I am part-time faculty in the Psychology Department. I have several years of teaching behind me, having taught: group facilitators, high school students, college students, and junior high school students.

I am also a consultant and trainer who has facilitated, trained and taught a variety of groups and individuals over the past 20 years. My specific area of expertise is in interpersonal interaction, including topics of: communication, problem solving, values clarification, leadership, stress management, team building, and conflict resolution. I am particularly sensitive to multicultural issues, having lived, worked, and taught abroad.

In addition, I have also worked in event planning, mediation, and mental health counseling. I hold a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University in Chicago.
Fall 2017
CRN Course Title
02124 PSYC-001.-03 General Psychology
23712 PSYC-001.-62 General Psychology
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
32951 PSYC-001.-08 General Psychology
32454 PSYC-008.-61 Introduction to Social Psychology
35094 PSYC-009.-01 Psychology of Human Relationships and Normal Adjustment

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