SB 1440: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act

Commencing during the 2011-2012 academic year, Senate Bill 1440 requires a student who receives an associate's degree for transfer to be deemed eligible for transfer into a CSU baccalaureate program. Further, the law guarantees admission to the CSU system at the junior level for such students and prohibits the CSUs from requiring transfer students from repeating similar courses already completed. The law intends to help fill the anticipated college-graduate gap and shortage of educated workers by incentivizing students to pursue their AA/AS degrees while preparing for transfer. The specific language of this bill can be found here: Senate Bill No. 1440.pdf

The following information is being provided to the college to provide information on the bill and the implement SB 1440 compliant degree programs.

Basic background on SB 1440

TMC: new transfer degrees approved or underway

 Progress at De Anza: college and department work updates

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