Campus Budget

Campus Budget

Meeting Notes - January 11, 2011

1) Approval of Notes October 26, 2010

Reviewed and approved notes from last meeting.

2)  Committee Projects

Projects for this committee include:

a)  Grants office -- probably need to form and give a charge to an ad-hoc committee

b)  Measure C -- inform members and discuss the prioritization and distribution of Measure C funds. Focus specifically on the FF&E funds. Some divisions still have FF&E balances. Refresh dollars, other equipment dollars, and Measure C funding requests need to be reviewed to ensure dollars are still being spent on correct equipment. 

c)  B-budget allocation -- part of our charge is to examine processes and consider long-range institutional planning. Subsistence on sustained but delayed augmentation hinders planning and functions. No change in the process for years, despite talk of alternatives (e.g., zero-based budgeting). Need to align resources based on priorities as defined by SLOs and SSLOs in program reviews.

3) Accreditation

  • this standard was the first to be submitted
  • standard IV came in this morning


 4)  Faculty Hiring

  • 16 open positions here at De Anza
  • 503 is our current FON (almost precisely equivalent to our current FON of 504)
  • 517 or 518 could be our new number 
  • we are going to be hiring, including 5 new growth positions
  • members agreed to help communicate better--email, internet, portal, and face-to-face. Pippa will keep the websites updated. One-pager from this committee.


5) Modeling FHDA Budgets 

  • members examined abbreviated version of district budget planning spreadsheet
  • this one-pager also included facts from Brown's budget and helpful websites.



  • currently planning how to allocate its increased revenue -- last year $500k short
  • this year anticipating such increased revenues that they may only fall $170k short
  • encouraged voting on Pepsi Refresh program
  • bike program is starting, then focusing on eco pass


Notes: Anderson

Building: Administration
Contact: Pippa Gibson
Phone: 408.864.8936

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