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Equity Action Council





The Equity Action Council (EAC) helps facilitate campus wide development, engagement, support and implementation of programs, evaluations, policies and procedures that are in line with De Anza College's vision of equity, social justice, and multicultural education.  The Council helps meet the goals and objectives of equity at De Anza and in particular, the Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education.




  • Promote a climate of humility, equity, and appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness in all aspects of the college.
  • Support the work of the Equity Office.
  • Advise on equity and inclusion issues to the college shared governance groups.
  • Assist with the development of a campus climate survey every 3 to 5 years to assess the equity environment and explore opportunities for growth and development. 
  • Advocate for the development and implementation of policies and procedures that facilitate the success of our diverse student body, faculty and staff. Specifically, the committee works to identify existing or emerging equal opportunity and equity issues, advising college leadership in the development of responsive policies, and analyzing and recommending action based on relevant research and practices.
  • Advise and actively promote the development and implementation of policies, procedures and employee development that facilitates the transformation of our workforce and environment into a community that is more inclusive, socially just, knowledgeable about the diverse array of cultures which comprise our community, and skilled in facilitating the growth of the entire campus.

Equality vs. Equity

Equity ACTION Council

Building:  ADM 105
Contact: Veronica Neal
Phone:  408.864.5338


Last Updated: 1/28/16