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Joint PBT Meeting (SSPBT, IPBT and FER)

June 14, 2011 Agenda

Location: ADM 109
Time: 3:30-5:00 pm

Agenda Topic
3:30-3:40 Introduction I Lee-Wheat

Outcome of this meeting is to better understand how reduction proposals could affect other areas.

3:40--4:10 Identify Core Students/Services
Review SSPBT “tiered” approach to “core” students. What are the key services that are needed to support student success?
4:10-4:45 Concerns about Budget Reductions
I/D Cook/Espinosa-Pieb/Jeanpierre What are the concerns? What are the consequences of our choices?


Future Joint PBT Meetings I/D Cook/Espinosa-Pieb/Jeanpierre Proposal: Meet once a month on a Tuesday during the normal scheduled IPB T meeting time.
4:50-5:00 Program Viability and Improvement Process I/D Lee-Wheat Draft - IPBT flow chart for all PBTs to review model. Proposal, each PBT would create their own keys/sets of factors and criteria for review.

A = Action | D = Discussion  | I = Info 

Online = http://www.deanza.edu/gov/IPBT/


Attended ( ): italics means non-voting member

IPBT Administrative Reps

Classified Reps

Faculty Reps

Student Reps

Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Co-Chair--ab

April Qian

Randy Bryant

Ron McFarland--ab

Mary Kay Englen, Guest

Catie Cadge-Moore

Edmundo Norte--

Greg Knittel

Cinzia Muzzi -


Rich Schroeder--

Coleen Lee-Wheat, Co-Chair

Rowena Tomaneng--

Kulwant Singh

Thomas Ray--

Robert Stockwell

SSPBT Administrative Reps

Classified Reps

Faculty Reps

Student Reps

Stacey Cook, Co-Chair

Marilyn Booye

Vicky Moreno, Co-Chair

Anmol Mirakhur

Christina Espinosa-Pieb

Virginia Marquez

Kevin Glapion

Rob Mieso

Olivia Patlan

LaQuisha Beckum


Kathleen Moberg

Sara Corrao

Jim Haynes

Michelle LeBleu-Burns

Truly Hunter

Angela Caballero de Cordeo

FRPBT Administrative Reps

Classified Reps

Faculty Reps

Student Reps

Letha Jeanpierre Co-Chair

Lois Jenkins

Margret Micaleas

Marty Kahn

Naoko Harada

Teri Gerard


Donna Jones-Dulin

Sara Corrao

DRAFT 6/8/11 De Anza College SSPBT--Proposed Priority Criteria for High Demand Courses and Services  



Strategic Planning Targeted Populations:

Latino/a, African Ancestry, Filipino/a, Pacific Islander  * Adm App ethnicity

High need for Basic Skills (no other choice of college available)  * Assessment results

AA and/or Transfer Goals  * Adm App/Goal

H S grads/GED from feeder high schools * Adm App ed lvl + HS ID

H S grads/GED from Santa Clara County communities with low college-going rates * Adm App ed lvl + HS ID

Non HS grads from Santa Clara County  * Adm App ed lvl + address

First in family to attend college * FAFSA or Adm App

Low-income students (no other choice of college available) * FAFSA EFC

Students enrolled full-time  * Registration

Students who are committed to De Anza start to finish (matriculated) * extrapolated

Students within their first 120 quarter-equivalent units * Adm App/FAFSA level+

International students recruited by FHDA ISP * Adm App Visa

#2 group

Selected certificate takers (good chance for gainful employment) * Adm App/Goal

Non high school graduates from outside Santa Clara County * Adm App ed lvl + address

Students with 120+ qtr-equivalent units but within 36 units of AA/AS/transfer * Adm App + Degree Works

DA Returning students * Adm App ed lvl

Students transferring from other colleges (possibly within Santa Clara County?) * Adm App ed lvl

#3 group:

Students outside Santa Clara County * Adm App zip codes

Students transferring from other colleges (possibly outside Santa Clara County?) * Adm App prior colleges

Students co-enrolled at other colleges * Banner w/FH only

Single course takers  * Adm App goal + no matric

Students co-enrolled in high school  * Adm App HS concurrent

Students from regional communities with high college-going rates * Adm App ed lvl _+ HS ID

Students on visas other than F1 * Adm App

Students with 120+ quarter-equivalent units but not in #2 * Adm App/transcript

Bachelor degree holders * Adm App/FAFSA

Students pursuing certificates not listed in #2 (not leading to gainful employment) * Adm App/courses

Students who are not matriculated * extrapolated




Review Dates to Register to favor CORE students.

Review Assessment practices and services to favor CORE students.

Review Matriculation steps to favor CORE students.

Review orientation, counseling and advising practices to favor CORE students.

Review cohort model to extend to more CORE students.

Review early alert policies to keep CORE students enrolled.

Review research data to maintain or grow CORE student population.

Review use of research for follow up to increase persistence and success.

Review course offerings vis-à-vis new student assessment levels and majors.

Review possibility of course restrictions for certain groups (i.e. High School students)

Review and revise policies for students in group #2 and group #3.

Matriculated = completed admissions, assessment, orientation, follow-up.

May include financial aid application & outreach contact.

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