Meeting Notes - January 15, 2013

Christina Espinosa-Pieb - Chair

Randy Bryant - Co-Chair


Administrative Reps Anderson, Espinosa-Pieb, Norte, Muthyala-Kandula, Tomaneng

Classified Reps: Bdzil, Martinez

Faculty Reps: Bryant, Argyriou, Bram, Maynard, Singh, Stockwell

Student Reps: Samuel Duval, Siyun Kim

Absent: Lee-Wheat, Rueda

Visitors: Chow, Cook, Newell, Julie Phillips, Ray, Woodward

I. Approval of Notes: The notes of December 4, 2012 were approved.

II. Value Statement Taskforce: (Mallory Newell, DA Researcher)

Newell distributed and presented to IPBT members the Current Value Statements - Value Statement Temporary Taskforce.
She reported to the committee that they are looking for broad based membership from across the campus; the committee is planning to meet every two to three weeks from early February through April; they hope to present a draft of updated/revised value statements to the shared governance groups in May for feedback; then share with the college as a whole at Opening Day 2013 for any additional feedback; meeting times and days will be set based on the availability of the taskforce participants.

Newell encouraged the members to share this information with their constituency groups and submit names of interested individuals to her by January 31st.

III. Enrollment Management Update:

Espinosa-Pieb advised that enrollment was 1.3% up and productivity was up 3.3 % for De Anza. Foothill was 3% down and productivity was 9.22% down. This would put us approximately 1.3% up District wide. The committee would know the final enrollment numbers after the census date.

Espinosa-Pieb shared that a meeting has been scheduled with the Fremont High School District to discuss offering courses at the local high schools on January 25, 2013. The courses would be college level classes, high enrolled and high demand and mainly taught by part-time faculty. These courses would target the high school students, but also would be open to everyone else.

Espinosa-Pieb stressed that the college has to keep growing to maintain base enrollment for funding.

IV. Reduction List Update:

Espinosa-Pieb recapped the work done by the IPBT committee. Originally 53 positions were targeted, assuming the worst-case scenario. After prop 30 and enrollment numbers the target was reduced to 28 positions. Currently the number stands at 19 positions, which takes into account staffing changes. Not all of these 19 positions are filled with the result that only approximately 3.5 filled positions are being eliminated.

Instructional programs would be looked at to transfer FTEF to high demand classes.

V. Faculty Hiring:

Espinosa-Pieb distributed the “Preliminary” list of Faculty Replacements for 2013-2014. She reported that this list was based on retirement letters received from each division. Divisions would rank them.

Espinosa-Pieb encouraged IPBT members to talk to their constituency groups and let her know of any pending retirements.

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