Meeting Notes - January 21, 2014

Christina Espinosa-Pieb - Chair

Randy Bryant - Chair

Present: Administrative Reps: Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Lee-Wheat, Kandula, Norte, Tomaneng

 Classified Reps: Gerard, Martinez, Trosper

 Faculty Reps: Alves de Lima, Argyriou, Bram, Bryant, Maynard, Yeckley

 Student Reps: Koosha Seyvani

Absent: Luis Flores, Lee-Wheat,

Visitors: Lisa Markus, Mallory Newell


Approval of Notes:The notes of December 3, 2013 and January 14, 2014 were approved.

Faculty Hiring:

Espinosa-Pieb presented the data sheet of Faculty Hiring 2014-2015. She reminded everyone that the due date for voting is Friday, January 31st, 2014 by 5:00 pm.

Espinosa-Pieb advised the members not to do any resorting or reorganizing of the data sheet for  ease of vote counting.

Due to a new retirement, an additional math position was added to the regular Faculty Hiring list and the count is now 20.

The members must rank all 20 positions with # 1 being the highest ranked.

The IPBT committee decided not to have a formal meeting on January 28, 2014. Constituency groups would be able to meet in Admin 109 for a discussion. Espinosa-Pieb notified the members that if the deans choose to rank the positions, this information would be given to the committee.

She encouraged the committee to contact deans for additional information or questions. The updated data sheet will be sent to the members first and then reposted on the IPBT website

The voting results must be sent via email only to VP of Instruction.

Espinosa-Pieb welcomed the student member to participate in the voting as well.

Bryant informed the members that after IPBT voted, the deans could only fill that specific position title. Positions cannot be switched-out.

*The final Comprehensive Program Review is posted on the IPBT website under Program Review tab

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