Meeting Notes - February 7, 2012

Christina Espinosa-Pieb - Co-Chair

Coleen Lee-Wheat - Co-Chair


Administrative Reps Anderson, Espinosa-Pieb, Muthyala-Kandula, Norte, Schroeder, Tomaneng

Classified Reps: Qian, Bdzil, Monary

Faculty Reps: Lee-Wheat, Mitchell, Roberts, Singh, Stockwell

Student Reps: Kenneth Perng, Andrew Zhou

Absent: Bryant

Visitors: Chow (Academic Senate President), Englen, Jeanpierre (VP, Finance), Milonas (FA Rep.), Woodward (Matriculation)

I. Approval notes: Notes of January 17, 2012 were approved with minor changes.

II. Introduction: The team welcomed Veronica Neal as the new faculty Director, Equity, Social Justice & Multicultural Education. Andrew Zhou was introduced as an additional DASB representative.

III. Faculty Positions: Espinosa-Pieb summarized the calendar of events relative to informing faculty about the IPBT’s request for early notification for a formal retirement during the 2011-12 year. Originally, the Dean’s had been requested to relay this message to their faculty with a deadline of January 27, 2012. However, during her visit to the Academic Senate meeting on January 23, 2012, the faculty had requested that another notification be made directly to all faculty from the Office of Instruction. They felt that it was critical that all faculty had the opportunity to hear the message that “it was unlikely that hiring during the 2012-13 year would occur”. Hence, she extended the deadline for submission of formal notification for retirement to February 10, 2012.

Espinosa-Pieb reviewed the current faculty position list. She stated that the list would not be finalized until Friday, February 10. She also stated that the positions on the budget reductions list “as cost savings” were now eliminated and could be brought back for consideration during future hiring cycles as “growth” positions. Espinosa-Pieb announced that, at this time, 9 positions would be filled out of 14, even though there is only funding for 7 positions. The list also contained priority rankings that deans had given to help the IPBT with a sense of priority for the positions per division. It was noted that IPBT does not micromanage divisions choices. In addition, Espinosa-Pieb shared a list of 11-12 faculty list of positions already hired, or in process, to help the IPBT members determine the priorities.

Espinosa-Pieb presented a document titled, “Faculty Ranking Sheet”. The members need to prioritize from 1 though 16. She instructed the members that after prioritization they should rename the document by putting their last name at the end of the file name. This voting list would be sent out on Friday, February 10 by 5:00 PM and returned by Monday, February 13 by 5:00 PM, so that the feedback could be shared at the Tuesday, February 14, 2012 IPBT meeting.

Tomaneng advised the new members to review the data on the IPBT website.

Monary gave updates on classified layoffs. She said that Foothill has 11 classified people on the list and 9 of them have bumping rights. De Anza staff may be affected due to bumping. De Anza would use “one time money” for 12-13 and vacant positions for as long as the funds were available.

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