De Anza College

IPBT Notes - February 23, 2010 - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Christina Espinosa-Pieb

Cynthia Lee-Klawender

 Present: Anderson, Bradshaw, Bryant, Cadge-Moore, Espinosa-Pieb, Hearn, Irvin, Knittel, Kubo,Lee-Klawender, Mowrey, Pereida, Schroeder, Singh, Tomaneng

 Visitors: Mary Kay Englen, Fran Frazier, Rich Hansen, Wendy Low, Ron McFarland, Anne Argyiou, Bradley Creamer, Jim Haynes, Coleen Lee-Wheat.

I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The notes of the February 2nd meeting and of the February 9th meeting were approved after a correction in the February 9th notes (strike the last parenthetical note).

 II. SLO Assessment & Program Review Cycles: Jim Haynes and Coleen Lee-Wheat displayed a chart of how Student Learning Outcomes Assessments, Program Reviews and curriculum updates could fit into the college's Educational Master Plan, planning and budgeting, and the Accreditation Cycle. In this plan, the comprehensive program reviews ("mega-reviews") will be done every 6 years to fit the 6-year Accreditation cycle, and in every subsequent year program review updates will be conducted. An example of what a program review update form may look like was displayed. IPBT approved of this plan with no objections.

 III. Released/Reassigned Time Reduction: An updated list of released/reassigned time (including Fall 2009) was distributed. The goal is to reduce $200,000 of released/reassigned time as part of the approved 2009 budget reduction plan (already reduced for 2009-2010, being backfilled with one-time moneys). This is equivalent to about 3.0 FTEF (Full-time Equivalent Faculty). Espinosa-Pieb noted that mandated released/reassigned time could not be reduced. Lists of duties for positions on the list will be provided at the next IPBT meeting to help determine where to reduce. Possible strategies include standardizing department chair. It was noted that the Language Arts Division is reducing $50,000 of released/reassigned time as part of the approved 2010 budget reduction plan NOT included in this $200,000 reduction.

 IV. Good of the Order: (none)

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