Meeting Notes - May 10, 2011

IPBT Notes - May 10, 2011

I. Review of notes:

Notes from May 5. Suggested that a sentence or two about the role of IPBT was added. There was a request for the budget reduction template sheet to be made available.

II. Review of IPBT website and data:

APRU information sheet should be available very soon. The majority of the forms are online. A review of the various reports and how to access them were shown.

III. Description of what to expect:

Dean’s will be presenting their reduction proposals with impact statements. They will be asked to describe their overall process and rationale in support of these proposals. They will be asked to describe what they would like to reinstate if the budget would allow it. The IPBT will be making a recommendation to the College council about what they support and what they would support in terms of “if we could rebuild if the cuts were not a full 20%”. The schedule for next week was reviewed. The Dean’s proposals will be emailed this weekend to the IPBT members. It is hoped that questions can be formulated by Tuesday and forwarded to the Deans. It was emphasized that these are open meetings. We will be in session for a full workday Thursday and Friday next week.

 There were several scenarios discussed that were related to the contract. Espinosa-Pieb noted that individuals can pursue contractual changes as solutions to their budget reduction plan. They should not feel pressured to do so. There is no mandate for people to do so. They can exercise their bumping rights if they find that the outcome of their decision does not work out for them. Many factors are still in flux.

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Attended ( ): italics means non-voting member

Administrative Reps

Classified Reps

Faculty Reps

Student Reps

Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Co-Chair--

Mary Clark-Tillman --absent

Randy Bryant

Amira Fahah,- absent Meera

Ron McFarland--

Mary Kay Englen-guest

Catie Cadge-Moore


Edmundo Norte--

Greg Knittel

Cinzia Muzzi


Rich Schroeder--

April Qian

Coleen Lee-Wheat, Co-Chair

Faith Milonas

Rowena Tomaneng--

Kulwant Singh

Nevin Sarina

Thomas Ray--

Robert Stockwell

Cheryl Woodward

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