Meeting Notes - May 19, 2011

Meeting Notes - May 19, 2011

I. Introduction:

Emphasis was made that the group should feel free to add to the conversation and as questions. All groups were informed that the goal of the IPBT was to increase their awareness and understanding of each proposal and to become advocates for their colleagues and their programs.

II. Schedule changes:

The Physical Education and Athletics proposal and the IIS proposals were discussed at lunch and at 5:00pm respectively, such that the team would not meet on Friday, May 20.

III. Final discussion:

It was quite apparent that the process had included faculty and staff in very thoughtful conversations. The reductions are not acceptable. The students would not be able to finish their educational goals at De Anza in a timely manner.

The teams were encouraged to review the information that they had gathered. They were instructed to bring back ideas and questions for a final discussion.

A = Action | D = Discussion  | I = Info 

Online =


Attended ( ): italics means non-voting member

Administrative Reps

Classified Reps

Faculty Reps

Student Reps

Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Co-Chair--

Donna Bradshaw-guest

Randy Bryant

Amira Fahah,- absent Meera

Ron McFarland--

Mary Kay Englen-guest

Catie Cadge-Moore


Edmundo Norte--

Greg Knittel

Cinzia Muzzi


Rich Schroeder--

April Qian

Coleen Lee-Wheat, Co-Chair

Faith Milonas

Rowena Tomaneng--

Kulwant Singh

Cheryl Woodward

Thomas Ray--

Robert Stockwell


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