Meeting Notes - May 31, 2011

Meeting Notes - May 31, 2011

I. Review of Notes:

Approved. A copy of the report to College Council will be posted Lee-Wheat will forward document to IPBT members.

II. Charge for IPBT next year:

- State news has improved and we have to determine criteria that will allow us to make decisions on where to re-allocate budget and FTE
- IPBT has the charge of making recommendations of where to reduce, for example, FTEF
-2 more meetings after this meeting (IPBT next week and Joint SSPB and IPBT on June 14th)  Outcome would be to have a sense of criteria we will be using--want to have different criteria for each division
ex.  data for IIS wasn't of much help with analysis of world languages, so focus is on enrollment management and persistence
- IPBT needs to break out CTE programs from Academic programs, also CTE 1 and CTE 2
- Members tell us what additional data we need and co-chairs will work on having Mallory work on the data during the summer
- Move beyond budget crisis lens and focus on where we want to put our resources
- Add to criteria, student demographics, need to drill down by dept.
- Student services are determining priority student groups for services: non BA holders will not be priority

III. Accreditation:

- Program Discontinuance (District nor our college has a policy on this--2009 Academic Senate discussion about this issue)
- Next step is to make decisions on program viability in relation to discontinuance
- Modesto and San Mateo, as examples, have different criteria
- Interested in examples of decisions made after the colleges above have undergone this process - Coleen and Ro will bring it back
- Also do these colleges have model for addressing student services
- Clarification, we will be having this conversation in preparation for making decisions in Fall 2011

IV. Who are our “core” students:

who are our core members?  community members, high school, degree holders,first time to college, students who need retraining, economic class backgrounds,students who apply and don't enroll, digital divide,
-Have we thought of conducting focus groups with the various student populations?  basic skills, student services and follow up with Veterans, Cohorts,tracking via websites and capture those who fill out 1st page and don't complete
4-5pm meeting next week June 14th 3:30-5 p.m.

V. Good of the Order:

Course Cancellation Deadline September 15th--opportunity to email students to let them know to enroll and find an instructor, shift FTE.

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