Meeting Notes - June 6, 2011

Meeting Notes - June 6, 2011

I. Review of Notes:

Notes of 5/31 were approved with many corrections to the list of attendees.

II. Program Viability and Discontinuance Processes:

-The first draft of a procedures flowchart for program viability and improvement was discussed. Lee-Wheat will incorporate the following changes and additions via a soft copy. After a subcommittee researches a program that has been identified as possibly needing help; they will return with a report and recommendation to the IPBT for further discussion. Anderson pointed out that the majority of the programs would not undergo a program viability review. The committee membership of the “program viability” committee was discussed. The original proposal consisted of the VPI, Dean, 1-2 discipline faculty. Suggestions to add a counselor, and advisory board member and student were given. Lee-Wheat noted that it is important to keep the committee small. Tomaneng noted that perhaps FA, counseling, the advisory board and students could be included as part of the people who should be used as resources. A continued discussion about the committee’s constituency and the content of this report needs to be discussed further. The group agreed that it is important to research and report the impact upon student progress, the college community including Foothill and projected fiscal impact to the IPBT for comment before the report went to College Council for deliberation with a recommendation for discontinuance. “A recommendation for improvement” could be made by the IPBT which would include list of recommendations and timelines for program improvement would then be generated. This report would not go to College Council but return for Program Review the next year.  If the recommendation is to discontinue the report would be forwarded to the College Council. If the College Council recommends discontinuance and the President agrees. The President would take a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.  Their approval would trigger a plan to discontinue the program.

-Lee-Wheat will try to send out the flowchart for the IPBT to review before next week’s meeting.

-Based on Espinosa-Pieb’s concept,that this process should be data driven (to an extent that is possible)and that each program has a certain amount of uniqueness, the group reminded consider what data they felt would be needed for further consideration for next Fall’s decisions.

III. Accreditation:

The group was asked to review the Accreditation Document, Standard IIB and IIC, so that they would have a greater familiarity with the responsibilities, tasks and support services that the student services and the FRPBT groups bring to college. The overall review of the accreditation document was noted also:

- June 20, 2011 Academic Senate

- June 23, 2011 approved by college council

- July 11, 2011 approved by board of trustees

- October 2011 Accreditation Visit

IV. Joint meeting with the SSPBT and FRPBT:

S. Cook summarized the focus of the SSPBT at this time.

Prioritizing service to student populations

a.  HS first time, transfer, targeted groups, what about those coming back for retraining? What about students who leave education and come back?

b. visitors, enrolled at other colleges

c . career retraining, students who already have 120-130 units not directed to a path

Intention is to serve all students but some groups might not have the same intensity of service

The IBPT gathered in small groups to discuss the outcomes that they would like to see next week. Some of the ideas:

- respond to SSPBT’s interest in enrollment and courses and sequences that will be offered

- include in the agenda discussion about impact of budget reduction in 2012-13

- closer relationship/communication between PBTs and earlier timeline for processes

- develop a plan for how the PBTs communicate, quarterly meeting of the PBTs, with each other, shared membership?

- summary on what was presented from the PBTs to College Council

Lee-Wheat, Cook and Tomaneng would work together to determine an outcome and agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting.

Attended ( ): italics means non-voting member

Administrative Reps

Classified Reps

Faculty Reps

Student Reps

Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Co-Chair--ab

April Qian

Randy Bryant

Trang Nguyen, Emily Kinner, new

Ron McFarland--ab

Mary Kay Englen, Guest

Catie Cadge-Moore

DASB president

Edmundo Norte--

Greg Knittel

Cinzia Muzzi -

Guests: Faith Milonas , Cheryl

Rich Schroeder--

Coleen Lee-Wheat, Co-Chair

Woodward, Gregory Anderson

Rowena Tomaneng--

Kulwant Singh

Thomas Ray--

Robert Stockwell

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