Meeting Notes - October 2, 2012

Rowena Tomaneng - Chair

Randy Bryant - Co-Chair


Administrative Reps Lee-Wheat, Muthyala-Kandula, Norte, Tomaneng

Classified Reps: Bdzil, Rueda

Faculty Reps: Bryant, Argyriou, Bram, Maynard, Singh, Stockwell

Student Reps: Binh Do, Samuel Duval,Andrew Zhou

Absent: Anderson, Espinosa-Pieb

Visitors: Cook, Fayek, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Milonas, Spatafore, Woodward

I. Approval Notes:Approval of notes for September 25, 2012 postponed.

II. Follow-Up Report to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges: (Spatafore)

2012 Draft Accreditation Follow-Up is posted at:

Spatafore notified IPBT members that the due date for the final report is October 15th, 2012. She informed the committee that the Board of Trustees approved this document on October 1, 2012.

Marisa will present this document to the Academic Senate, PBT’s, DASB and Classified Senate before the deadline. The final document will be taken to College Council for review and approval on October 11, 2012.

Spatafore examined the document, “2012 Draft Accreditation Follow-Up” and reminded the IPBT that the college has to respond to the three recommendations:

1) Mission Statement;

2) Integrated Planning, Assessment and Resource Allocation Model;

3) SLO, SSLO, and AUO Proficiency

All three items will be reviewed, examined and submitted to College Council for final approval.

III. Revised Ranking Sheet:

Tomaneng distributed the revised document, “Non-Instructional Positions Draft”and explained to the members that under “Department” column is a list with division’s prioritized listing and in yellow is a list of division’s/department’s programs listed in alphabetical order.

She asked the members not to change to this document for accurate voting purposes.

Tomaneng reminded the IPBT that they need to perform two rankings; one for non-instructional positions (from 1 to 50) and the second for instructional programs (from 1 to 10). Physical Education is the only division who has prioritized their programs. Because of their unique situation to recruitment of athletes the IPBT will only see “Team 1, 2, 3 …19” when they rank program reductions. For non-instructional positions voting members have been advised to prioritize all fifty of them.

Tomaneng recapped the work that had been completed last year and advised the members review the data on the IPBT website.

Then, she reviewed the timeline for IPBT schedule:

Oct. 9th  Final Review and Questions

Oct. 11th Ranking to Christina by 5 p

Oct. 16th Results Shared

Oct. 23rd Ranking Finalized

Oct. 25th College Council

Oct. 26th Chancellor’s Office

The members broke into their constituency groups and discussed the prioritization process for twenty minutes.

Suggestions for the groups:

Review the Program Reviews, data and the process used previously and bring to your constituency group to discuss and update the new members.

Create a survey for the students and get a feedback from them.


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