IPBT Notes - October 25, 2011 - 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Christina Espinosa-Pieb Chair

Coleen Lee-Wheat Co-Chair

Present: Administrative Reps G. Anderson, C. Espinosa-Pieb, E. Norte, R. Tomaneng, T. Ray

 Classified Reps: A. Qian, G. Knittel

 Faculty Reps: R. Bryant, C. Lee-Wheat, D. Mitchell, B. Roberts, R. Stockwell

 Student Reps: Kenneth Perng

Absent: R. Schroeder, K. Singh

Visitors: A. Caballero de Cordero, N. Canter, K. Chow, S. Cook, M.K. Englen, A. Kandula, C. W. Lee, Lee-Klawender, L. Jeanpierre, F. Milonas, M. Pape, J. Rosenberg, C. Wilkins-Greene, C. Woodward. 

I. Approval of Notes:

The notes of October 18, 2011 were approved with one change: 1st page, third paragraph -- first sentence: “B. Roberts raised a question about the process used for dissemination of information. She suggested the Academic Senate representative communicates information about programs undergoing “the program discontinuance process” to the Academic Senate.

II. Faculty Hiring Presentations, Questions and Next Steps:

T. Ray (LA), J. Rosenberg (PSME), A. Kandula (BHES/WE), N. Canter (CA) A. Caballero de Cordero (COUN) and Department Chairs from BUS/CIS -- M. Pape and C. Lee-Klawender gave a 3-5 minute presentation in support of their hiring requests and answered questions from the IPBT committee members.

Due to the lack of time presentations from G. Anderson (LR), E. Norte (IIS) and C. Wilkins-Greene (SSH) were postponed until the next meeting, November 1, 2011

 C. Espinosa-Pieb reminded IPBT members to review the Program Review Data and Hiring Justifications. Faculty ranking deadline is Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

III. Visiting Accreditation Team Membes Q and A:

Six members of Accreditation team were present at this meeting; they asked questions about the IPBT committee’s procedures and processes.

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