IPBT Notes - November 1, 2011 - 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Christina Espinosa-Pieb Chair

Coleen Lee-Wheat Co-Chair

Present: Administrative Reps Anderson, Espinosa-Pieb, Norte, Ray, Tomaneng

 Classified Reps: Englen, Knittel, Qian

 Faculty Reps: Bryant, Lee-Wheat, Mitchell, R. Stockwell

 Student Reps: Kenneth Perng

Absent: Roberts, Schroeder, Singh

Visitors: Cook, Lee, Lee-Klawender, Milonas, Newell, Wilkins-Greene, Woodward

I. Approval of Notes: Notes of October 25, 2011 were approved.

II. Presentations for hiring:

The remaining deans, C. Wilkins-Greene (SSH), E. Norte (IIS), G. Anderson (LR) gave a 3-5 minute presentation in support of their hiring requests and answered questions from the IPBT committee members.

For the voting process C. Espinosa-Pieb instructed members to go on IPBT website http://www.deanza.edu/gov/IPBT/facultyhiring.html, download the hiring data sheet 2012-13, rename, rank and return via email to VP of Instruction. The deadline for the IPBT voting members is Thursday, November 3, 2011 by 5:00 p.m.

C. Espinosa-Pieb advised the members to pay close attention not only to the data, but also growth, enrollment, and what would be best for the campus.

She advised members if they think that the numbers on any of our data reports are incorrect to contact to M. Newell, the De Anza College Researcher as soon as possible.

C. Espinosa-Pieb gave a detailed college perspective about each proposal in response to a request by B. Stockwell. She emphasized that in considering these positions the IPBT is making decisions that will affect the future of each of these programs as well as how these programs will be able to fully contribute serving students 30 years from now.

She encouraged the members to not only consider the current data but the potential value a position could have for the college in the future (about 4-5 years out at a minimum).

III. Program Discontinuance process Wrap-Up and IPBT team member’s Responsibilities:

C. Lee-Wheat distributed a draft of the Instructional Program Viability and Discontinuance Procedure outline and asked the members to review and provide a feedback. She displayed a chart titled Program Viability Procedure, and again, engaged in a discussion to fine-tune this document. IPBT examined the chart and made some suggestions:

- Changing the title “Factors to Be Considered” to “Examples of Factors” on the second page of the chart.

- M. K. Englen reminded the group that there had been a recommendation to add a classified senate member to “Viability Advisory Team”. C. Lee-Wheat will correct the oversight.

C. Espinosa-Pieb pointed out that IPBT members must do their research objectively; looking at the data, numbers of degrees and certificates awarded, the campus needs, recent legislation such as repetition and repeatability, etc. It will be the IPBT’s charge to determine program viability and/or discontinuance. Programs must be chosen for elimination to ensure the overall health of the institution and as a result some programs within each division will receive more funding than others. She stressed that the members should first think about our students’ needs and what would serve them best. She also stated that the discontinuance of any program could take 2 to 4 years to phase out while suspension of classes in the class schedule could occur almost immediately.

IV. Program review next steps:

C. Espinosa-Pieb presented the Instruction Planning and Budget Review Teams 2011-2012 list. The IPBT members reviewed and suggested some changes. The final version will be emailed to IPBT members for their use only by November 8.

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