Meeting Notes - November 9, 2010

IPBT Notes - November 9, 2010 4:00-5:00 PM


Christina Espinosa-Pieb

Coleen Lee-Wheat

I. Review of last weeks notes: 

Notes and agenda were not brought to the meeting due to technical difficulties. They should reviewed next meeting.

II. Activity - Critique of Comprehensive Program Review:

Groups of members critiqued a draft of a comprehensive program review document built upon the input from previous meetings, from M. Bdzel and S. Sherman who represent the CTEC programs, and the SLO Steering Committee and concepts from other program review model from another college. Lee-Wheat pointed out the newest concept added to the process and form is: resource allocation will be based, in part, upon a program assessment plan; an explanation of how the resource request will assist in supporting that plan; and a description of an assessment plan that describes how the resource lent to the success of student learning or further promotion of the college mission or strategic initiatives. M. Englen expressed a concern that “learning support units” would have a difficult time utilizing this form. C. Muzzi and R. Bryant noted that it expanding the areas for explanation of linking programs to the college mission, strategic initiatives, equity and basic skills need to be expanded such that writers have the chance to expand on these relationships. Others noted that clear instructions should precede the form. Reordering questions were also suggested.

Tomaneng and Lee-Wheat will bring forth a second draft revised with input from the IPBT committee members present this meeting.

Program Review 2008-2011 Draft

III. Good of the Order: None

Attended ( ): italics means non-voting member

Administrative Reps

Classified Reps

Faculty Reps

Student Reps

Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Co-Chair-absent

Donna Bradshaw-absent

Randy Bryant

Sana Kathuria

Ron McFarland-absent

Bradley Creamer

Catie Cadge-Moore

Victoria Nguyen

Edmundo Norte

Greg Knittel

Cinzia Muzzi

 Guests: FA; Faith Malonas

Rich Schroeder-absent

Coleen Lee-Wheat, Co-Chair

 Gregory Anderson, Academic Senate

Rowena Tomaneng

Kulwant Singh

 Mary Kay Englen—Classified Senate

Dean of Counseling-absent

Robert Stockwell

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