Meeting Notes - December 3, 2013

Christina Espinosa-Pieb - Chair

Randy Bryant - Chair

Present: Administrative Reps: Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Lee-Wheat, Kandula, Norte, Tomaneng

 Classified Reps: Gerard

 Faculty Reps: Alves de Lima, Argyriou, Bram, Bryant, Maynard, Yeckley

 Student Reps: Luis Flores

Absent: Martinez, Trosper

Visitors: Blanche Monary, Mallory Newell, Tim Shively

Approval of Notes: The notes for November 19th were approved.

First IPBT Meeting for Winter Quarter - January 14, 2014

Faculty Hiring Timeline For Winter 2014:

Espinosa-Pieb notified the members that district would allocate additional dollars to create 3 new faculty positions (not growth). Classes for these positions must have a seat count 40 and above, be high enrolled and have a historically high wait-list.

Each division would only be allowed to ask for one position that fits these criteria.

Espinosa-Pieb will work with Instructional deans and Research office to identify these classes.

VP Instruction will double check with Business Vice Chancellor’s office if English course could be included as a request for 3 new positions.

The IPBT committee has decided to rank these new positions separately from the rest of the faculty hiring positions.

CPR Form Update:

Newell informed the members that the SLO team has requested feedback from IPBT regarding an old question in TracDat relating to the equity gap and targeted population.

The question was if the old question should remain on the CPR form or be switched by ACCJC requirements to new questions. Newell pointed that we have to report on the questions from the last three-years and it would be better to keep old questions in order to finish this three-year phase.

After a discussion IPBT members decided to keep the old questions and add new ACCJC requirement questions to the CPR form in TracDat.

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