Meeting Notes - January 14, 2014

Christina Espinosa-Pieb - Chair

Randy Bryant - Chair

Present: Administrative Reps: Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Lee-Wheat, Kandula, Norte, Tomaneng

 Classified Reps: Gerard, Martinez, Trosper

 Faculty Reps: Alves de Lima, Argyriou, Bram, Bryant, Maynard, Yeckley

 Student Reps: Luis Flores


Visitors: Stacey Cook, Lisa Markus, Mallory Newell, Lorrie Ranck, Thomas Ray


Approval of Notes: It was suggested to add a sentence to the notes for December 3rd, 2013: “VP Instruction will double check with Business Vice Chancellor’s office if English course could be included as a request for 3 new positions.”  

APRU:  Annual Program Review update handout was distributed to the members for a final review.

Bryant noted that the APRU document stays the same as has been in the past with the exception of three new questions:

II. A.4.a. Plan if success rate of program falls below 60% (previous wording)

II. A.4.a. Plan if success rate of program is below 60% (new)

II. A.4.b. Plan if success rate of ethnic group(s) falls below 60% (previous wording)

II. A.4.b. Plan if success rate of ethnic group(s) is below 60% (new)

II. A.4.c. Resources needed to reach institutional standard

IPBT committee approved the CPR document with rewording and minor corrections.

Faculty Hiring:

Espinosa-Pieb recapped the hiring process from last year. She passed out "Faculty Ranking For 13-14" and "Faculty Hiring List 14-15" handouts to show what the committee will be working on this year.

Espinosa-Pieb went though the 2014-15 Faculty Hiring List that is going out this year and commented on each position.  

The positions from previous year that have not been filled are staying on the 2014-15 list.

Espinosa-Pieb notified the IPBT members that the divisions/departments could decide among themselves if they want to change the nature of a position. It’s up to a division to decided their FTEF distribution.

1. Environmental Science (from last year)

2. Medical Lab Technology (new retirement)

3. Nursing – Med Surgical (new retirement)

4. Film/TV (second position from last year list)

5. Computer Science (from last year)

6. Music – Instrumental (from last year)

7. Music – Piano & Theory (new retirement)

8. Native American/Chicano (a) Studies (retirement)

9. Spanish (from last year)

10. English (not approved last year) – specific to developmental courses, cohort

11. English (old READ from last year) – specific to developmental courses, cohort

12. English (new retirement)

13. ESL (from last year)

14. ESL (new retirement)

15. Athletic Trainer Coordinator (new ret) Brand new Program for PE area (faculty position)

16. PE Coach (new retirement)

17. Massage Therapy (new retirement)

18. Chemistry (new retirement)

19. Economics (from last year)

The committee agreed that the IPBTs recommendation to College Council should be to fill 9 positions. Espinosa-Pieb advised that only 5 positions currently had funding.

The campuses have been asked by the District to create new positions to grow campuses with established seat count & high waitlisted.

The IPBT made a decision to give an additional FTEF to:

1. Accounting (New position)

2. Math (New position) – IPBT Recommendation: Preferably developmental level courses in Math, MPS, Cohort

3. Math (New position) - IPBT Recommendation: Preferably developmental level courses in Math, MPS, Cohort

Because of high criteria and LA division already has 3 positions on the regular list the English course won’t be included in the “New position list”.

After discussion the members decided to commit 2 out of 3 English positions for specific developmental courses/cohort.

Written justification will be distributed to the members via email and posted on the IPBT website by next week. Office of Instruction won’t provide hard copies at the next meeting.

Espinosa-Pieb reminded the committee that retirement letters may still come in through January 17, 2014.

Student Services area will be hiring two positions funded by fund 122 (categorical funds) which instruction cannot use.

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