Meeting Notes - January 17, 2017 Draft

Christina Espinosa-Pieb – Chair

James Nguyen – Chair


Administrative Reps: Bryant, Espinosa-Pieb, Kandula, Lee-Wheat, Ranck, Ray

Classified Reps: Martinez, Lorna Maynard, Trosper

Faculty Reps:  Alves de Lima, Khanna, Leonard, Markus, Rick Maynard, Nguyen

Visitors: Newell, Pape, Subramaniam, Woodburry

Adult Education Block Grant Proposal -

Ray presented a proposal to hire a tenure-track Adult Education Block Grant/Basic Skills Transitions Counselor funded by the Adult Education Block Grant. 

The proposed position would serve two key program area goals of the AEBG

  1. Support for students who need instruction in basic skills, such as reading, writing, and basic mathematics, as well as learning skills and study skills, and
  2. Support for students who need instruction in English as a Second Language in order to achieve competence in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension of the English language and that support transition to post-secondary education (transfer level).

In addition to supporting existing De Anza students who need instruction in basic skills and ESL to transition successfully to transfer level coursework, this position would help De Anza to work with consortium members to integrate existing programs and create seamless transitions into post-secondary education for adult education students, which is a core objective of the program.

Need for this position: In 2015-16, enrollments in eligible basic skills and ESL courses were significant:

Pre-transfer level English/Reading: 6978

Pre-transfer level ESL: 5918

Pre-transfer level Math: 8252

Funding for the position would come entirely from AEBG. 

Members asked questions about what impact this position would have on other programs that rely on the funds. Ray explained that this position would require about half the annual funding, which would allow other programs to continue as planned. In response to a question from the team, Ray added that the funds were not being spent currently and there is a risk of having to return them to the State. 

Following the discussion, a motion was made and seconded to approve the plan. Members present voted unanimously to approve.

Strong Workforce Proposals -

Espinosa-Pieb gave a brief overview of the Strong Workforce Program and explained that IPBT would be reviewing local and regional program proposals from De Anza CTE programs. Espinosa-Pieb explained that funding is for the current fiscal year and programs needed to be ready to implement immediately.

Local and Regional Strong Workforce Proposal Program budget drafts were distributed to the team. Members broke into groups to read and review the proposals and to draft questions for a special session to be held on Friday, January 20. At the special session, representatives from each program would be given the opportunity to respond to questions from the team about their program proposals or to provide written responses to the team. After drafting questions for the upcoming special session, the meeting was adjourned.

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