IPBT Meeting Notes – February 21, 2017

Christina Espinosa-Pieb – Chair

James Nguyen – Chair


Administrative Reps Espinosa-Pieb, Lee-Wheat, Kandula, Ranck, Ray

Classified Reps: Lorna Maynard, Martinez,

Faculty Reps:Alves de Lima, Khanna, Leonard, Markus, Rick Maynard, Nguyen

Student Reps:

Absent:  Bryant, Trosper, Coriena Andy, Arya Suprora

Instructional Equipment Lists can be revised by Deans

  • $500,000 available

2015-2016 Criteria Reviewed

Can change this year -- Take off Measure C

Work Groups set up

  • iPads can a division share if a division is looking for some

Reviewed last year's project

Requests still okay, if there is a faculty champion for the project in the department. Actually ensure that they are being used. Work with ETS, no extra pay for faculty.

If buying large quantities, inventory must be kept. Can check out for a period of time.

  • iPads in Libary for Basic Skills only
  • Can't ask for a room but can ask for 55 computers if have a facility, make sure to have cost for installation and infrastructure included
  • Printers - if for public student area – ok
  • Chairs, benches for students - ok
  • Replacement projector -ok -- request from ETS
  • Copier - not appropriate should be a College responsibility
  • Wi-Fi - PE, Kirsch, L-quad, etc.
  • Espinosa-Pieb will ask deans to prioritize divisions’ requests at next Deans’ meeting.
  • What qualifies: list --Have you looked in the Library for their resources?
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