Meeting Notes - October 25, 2016

Lorrie Ranck – Chair

James Nguyen – Chair


Administrative Reps Kandula, Lee-Wheat, Ranck, Ray

Classified Reps: Martinez

Faculty Reps:Alves de Lima, Leonard, Markus, Rick Maynard, Nguyen

Absent: Bryant, Espinosa-Pieb, Khanna, Lorna Maynard, Trosper

Visitors Newell, Pape, Woodbury

Lottery Enhancement Requests -

Nguyen displayed the divisions’ Lottery requests which are posted on the IPBT website Instructional Budget page.

Nguyen requested the team to become familiar with the requests and be ready to vote next meeting.

PSME should re-submit their request by noon, tomorrow, October 27th.

Accreditation Writing – (Newell)

The members continued working on Accreditation with Mallory Newell’s assistance.

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