Meeting Notes -October 20, 2009

De Anza College

IPBT Notes - October 20, 2009—3:30 – 5:00 PM

Christina Espinosa-Pieb--Cynthia Lee-Klawender—Co-Chairs

Present: Anderson, Bradshaw, Bryant, Cadge-Moore, Espinosa-Pieb, Hearn, Irvin, Kubo, Lee-Klawender, Mowrey, Pham, Qin, Schroeder, Singh Tomaneng,

Visitors: Diana Alves de Lima, Anne Argyiou, Mary Kay Englen, Rich Hansen, Wendy Low, Carmen Pereida, Cheryl Woodward

I. Approval of Agenda and Meeting Notes: Notes of October 13, 2009 were approved—with one minor change—two more classified representatives are needed-- under Section II—IPBT Membership Update. The topic, Discussion Points from the Instructional Deans was added to the agenda.

II. Faculty Serving on IPBT Update: It was announced that the Academic Senate approved Gregory Anderson and Cadie Cadge-Moore as the new faculty replacements for Diana Alves-De Lima and Cheryl Woodward.

 III. Program Review – Update, Review, and Planning: C. Lee-Klawender presented the documents titled, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

 Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness—Part 1: Program Review and

 Part 2: Planning. The documents described the levels of implementation under the categories of Awareness, Development, Proficiency and Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement of the Characteristics of Institutional Effectiveness in Program Review and in Planning. It was suggested that standards from these papers could be used as a resource in making recommendations from the program review updates. A discussion occurred regarding the process—as to where to focus—on program reductions or program improvement, and the establishment of a time-line.

 C. Lee-Klawender stated that no set process was currently in place, and specific tasks needed to be set up soon to identify that process. Looking at “sustainable” and “continuous quality improvement,” and determining what De Anza needs to “look like,” were two re-occurring themes that were voiced during the discussion.

 IV. Discussion Points from Instructional Deans: R. Schroeder distributed the notes from the Instructional Deans’ meeting (10/15) that introduced a new rubric—based upon the “Core” of the College—Basic Skills, Transfer Classes, CTE’s, student services that are mandated by law, and life-long learners. Listed on the “notes” were questions to consider in evaluating the new rubric. Some topics of discussion were, “How do we measure proficiency?” and how do we determine “what we need to do versus what is nice to do” in contributing to our Core?

 A second document—an untitled rubric for discussion only—was presented as a possible instrument for assessing courses and programs. It was explained that this paper was in early stages of draft form—incorporating ideas for the new rubric.

 A caution was voiced stating that pressures are “coming to bear” upon various program changes because of the economy, and that it is important that we are prepared to defend our position—which means determining and protecting what is important to the college.

 V. Categorical Cuts: C. Lee-Klawender requested to have the Categorical Funding position information made available for the IPB Team. Examining the document titled, De Anza College Budgeted Positions for 2009-10-CATEGORICAL FUNDS-10/20/09, the team members realized that there are critical issues that will need to be addressed, and all agreed that the imposed categorical cuts will be very difficult to find solutions for. H. Irvin spoke regarding the importance of Matriculation—and how it serves the entire campus. He cautioned the team members to employ sensitivity and confidentiality when speaking about the possible program reductions—which could possibly affect people’s livelihoods.

 V. Good of the Order: C. Lee-Klawender issued the charge to the committee to look outside of the division deans’ contributions, and to bring back ideas for next week’s meeting pertaining to determining the “core of the college.”

 VI. Handouts:

 #1 Agenda – October 20, 2009

 #2 IPBT Notes – October 13, 2009

 #3 Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

 Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness—Part 1: Program Review

 #4 Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

 Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness—Part 2: Planning

#5 Discussion Points for IBPT from Instructional Deans

 #6 Untitled—a “DRAFT rubric in progress”—for discussion only—as a possible

 instrument to be used in assessing courses/programs.

 #7 De Anza College Budgeted Positions for 2009-10-CATEGORICAL FUNDS-10/20/09

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