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Honors Program

Program Officers

The officer team meets weekly to create opportunities for the Honors Program student body.  You can always find an officer at the Honors Lounge located in S-33b.  We love to meet our students and interact with them.  Come check us out!


Responsible for managing the team and organizing weekly meeting and communicating with officers about their responsibilities.

Major: Computer Science

Josh Frandsen

I fell in love with computers at a very young age, and have always been fascinated by the inner workings of software, pushing me to gain more knowledge of the magic behind the amazing technologies we have today. This pursuit strengthened my academic abilities, leading me to the Honors Program. Honors allowed me to explore subjects further, and surrounded me with people who share my passion for knowledge. My goal is to ensure that the Honors Program does for its members what it did for me, inspiring them to push their knowledge to new heights.

Internal Vice President

Responsible to work with the president and to help manage the officer team.

Major: Business Finance

Josh Jeremiah

 I am a second year student at De Anza, currently applying for transfer into a 4-year finance/economics/analytics program. After graduating from Homestead High School in 2015, I attended San Diego State University for a semester, but decided to come back home as I did not find the environment to be a good fit for me. At De Anza, I knew I wanted to push myself academically and build relationships with like-minded, motivated students. So, I joined the Honors Program and fell in love with the community of students and faculty involved. Now, I hope to use my role as Internal Vice President of the program to help Honors students have an intellectually and socially stimulating experience during the coming year!

External Vice President

Responsible for integrating and connecting the program with the outside community through effective and professional communication.

CURRENT External Vice President: Puneet Kaur
Major: Economics

Jessie Wetzel

I was born and raised in India. This will be my second year at De Anza pursuing a career in Economics. I joined the honors program the summer of 2015 and have enjoyed the perks since then.  This program has encouraged me to think critically, on my feet and on a much deeper level.  This quarter, I'm taking my 6th Honors course.  In the process of completion of my honors projects for my courses, I've formed deep relationships with my professors and fellow honors students. The amounts in which this program has given me can never be repaid.  It has influenced me in ways that I will carry traits for rest of my life.

Honors Program Assistant

Responsible for documenting Honors activities and meetings, and keeping Honors Program functional, efficient and organized.

CURRENT Secretary: Sobia Chahal
Major: Economics

Yvonne Nguyen

As an Immigrant, and Sikh American I am driven by my values and experiences to pursue the study of Economics to discover the most effective channels, and processes to solve the issues that we face today; to create a sustainable environment for now and the future, and strive toward social justice and equity. Honors courses have allowed me to build connections with faculty, peer deeper into the limitless bucket of knowledge, and grow my love of learning through research and thinking critically about problems. I find myself engaged by other honors students who have knowledge and drive to share. I enjoy the program for empowering students to challenge themselves in their studies and form different ideas, and want to see more students to take advantage of this opportunity.  
p.s. im never this well spoken or serious in person. words are hard candid.

Vice President of Academics: STEM

Responsible for setting up educational workshops and activities for students to have additional resources to assist them with transfer and future prospects.

Major: Computational Biology

Greg Finkel

I’m a New Yorker, so naturally, I’m obnoxiously loud and passionate about what I love—and for me, that means molecular biology and all means of representing its crazy, immeasurably large list of complexities. It is fascinating that at the basis of every living thing is simply a set of specific chemical bonds that break and join, as well as the fact that such processes are the foundation upon which even the most intricate and developed technologies in life sciences are established. Taking a different look at subject matter in my science and non-science classes alike through Honors courses and through the program allow me to have a unique, advanced sense of conceptual analysis that I hope to take with me to university, and into the world of research later on in life.

Vice President of Academics: Liberal Arts

Responsible for leading academic events in areas relating to liberal arts.

Major: Computer Science

Anand Kumar

After having completed seven honors courses, I can emphatically say that the Honors program has benefited me tremendously.  The close interaction with Professors and Honors peers has been enriching because it has taught me to approach learning with a renewed sense of engagement and motivation  by exploring the subject matter in-depth. It has helped me  develop my interpersonal and critical thinking skills and infused me with increased self- confidence in my abilities. As an Honors Officer, it is my goal to increase student engagement in this program and thereby raise the level of academic excellence.


Vice President of Marketing

Responsible for spreading awareness of Honors Program through various forms of communication, and outreaching during events.

Major: Economics

Ning Cao

I am a second-year student who moved to California one years ago from Taiwan. Honors program provides a positive environment for my academic endeavor and abundant opportunities for me to explore subjects I was inspired by. As an economics major, I care about environmental sustainability and social justice issues revolving the subject as well as development economics. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading magazines, traveling, hiking, and visiting art museums. If you see me on campus, come and say hi!

Vice President of Fundraising

Responsible for leading efficient and organized fundraising efforts to further improve the program.

Major: Economics

Kush Patel

I was born and raised in San Jose. I have lived here all my life. Through the years, I've seen this city shift and change through means of radical economic and technological development. The ever-changing landscape coupled with my own interest in economics influenced me to come to De Anza and become a part of the Honors Program. Here, I am able to be share and collaborate with others who crave knowledge.


Vice President of Technology

Responsible for social media and outreach.

Major: Computer Science


 I was born in Los Angeles but lived in the bay for most of my life. The rapid changes in technology in the Silicon Valley have fascinated me at a young age. I love to program software and create various hardware hacks. My hobby inevitably turned into my choice of major. The honors program at De Anza provides the opportunity to push my learning experience into a deeper level, increasing my intellectual potential. It will be awesome to give back to the program with what I like best, technology.


Honors Program
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