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Outreach Events at De Anza College

A room filled with students at a De Anza outreach event

De Anza offers innovative ways for you to get to know us. Our office serves prospective students and parents through a wide range of outreach activities at high schools, including college fairs, career and college nights, presentations, info tables, application workshops, and placement testing.

Each spring, new students attend our New Student & Parent Open House event and take advantage of early registration for fall. 

We also provide campus tours to interested students, their families, and community members.

  • Nov. 30 — MC2 Hip Hop Education Summit
  • Dec. 1 — High School Partners Appreciation Breakfast & Annual Update
  • Dec. 6 — Filipino/Southeast Asian Student Conference
  • Feb. 7  — African American Student Conference              
  • March 7 — Latino Student Conference 1
  • March 21 —  Latino Student Conference 2
  • April 28 — New Student & Parent Open House  

If you would like to schedule an event or activity at your high school, e-mail or call the Outreach Office at 408.864.8327.

We look forward to meeting you!



General Outreach

Outreach services to area high schools, providing college information and support to assist high school students successfully transition to college.

Targeted Outreach

A collaborative effort with targeted local high schools to improve the college participation rate of low-income and underserved/underrepresented student populations.

College Fairs

Participation in local and regional college fairs representing De Anza College.

Campus Tours

Weekly scheduled De Anza campus tours and group tours organized by schools, community groups, and organizations.

Student Ambassadors

De Anza students go out to local high schools and communities to share their experiences, talk about De Anza programs and services, and assist new students and parents with DA programs and services.


We actively work in partnership with high school districts, community organizations, and San Jose Cal-SOAP to help promote a college-going culture and support efforts that improve college access for all students.

Classroom Presentations

We offer classroom presentations to prepare seniors for college; including topics such as the application and enrollment process, programs and service, transfer, financial aid, and more.

Application Workshops

We offer college application workshops at high schools in the spring to assist seniors complete a college application and take the next steps in the enrollment process.

Placement Testing

We offer placement testing at select area high schools (20-25).

New Student Followup and Support

Follow-up with new/prospective students via email, phone call, and one-on-one meeting to assist them with matriculation steps and connect students to support programs and services on campus.

Support Student Success

Work collaboratively with local and regional student access and success initiative, as well as district and college wide efforts to improve student retention, persistence, and success.

Building: Seminar (SEM 3)
Contact: Outreach
Phone: 408.864.8327

Hours:  M-F 8:30am-4:30pm 


Last Updated: 10/6/17