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The Dance and Theater Department encourages all students to include some aspect of performing arts in their undergraduate education. Dance movement is critical in every culture for socialization, physical healing, and emotional therapy. Considered by many to be the beginning of self-expression and the parent of all the arts.

The Dance  and Theater Department offers classes in technique, production, and general education.  Through classroom and public performance, students are directed toward improving physical and vocal communication skills while developing self- reliance, a sense of community and teamwork, all of which translates to skills needed in today‚Äôs job market. 

Our students learn self-discipline and collaboration, often resulting in higher test scores, increased self-awareness and greater confidence.  Dance and Theatre classes improve language skills, critical thinking and cultural awareness.  Our creative productions bring words and images together to create student experiences and audience experiences that reflect progressive and transformational cultural moments.

We offer a variety of dance technique classes in all levels of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Salsa, Hip Hop and Social Dance, as well as theatre classes in Acting, Acting for the Camera and Appreciation of Dance and Theatre.  Annually students perform in dance concerts and video productions, which include opportunities for students to choreograph, write, and direct original works.  Students at De Anza experience classes and perform in state of the art facilities; the Visual and Performing Arts Center, the Dance studio in PE11u and the small black box theater classroom in G3.



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Kristin Skager
Dean of Creative Arts


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