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Danielle Altman
Head Aquatics Coach / Assistant Athletics Director



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Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Fall 2024

27796KNES 1B02Beginning Swimming
28202KNES 1CX01Intermediate Swimming
28203KNES 1DX01Advanced Swimming
27088KNES 22AX50ZHatha Yoga
27792KNES 22DX52ZFlow Yoga
27799KNES 26AX50ZBasic Pilates Mat Exercise
27085KNES 26BX50ZIntegrated Pilates Mat Exercise
28201PE 4XX07High-Intensity Strength Development for Athletes
26606PE 32P01Techniques of Swimming
28199PE 32P02Techniques of Swimming
28196PE 4101Intercollegiate Water Polo
28197PE 4102Intercollegiate Water Polo
28198PE 41X01Intercollegiate Water Polo

Summer 2024

13727KNES 19GX50ZCore Conditioning
13723KNES 22AX50ZHatha Yoga
13724KNES 22DX50ZFlow Yoga
13725KNES 26AX50ZBasic Pilates Mat Exercise
13761KNES 26BX50ZIntegrated Pilates Mat Exercise
13738PE 32J01Water Polo Techniques
13765PE 32J50ZWater Polo Techniques
13737PE 32P01Techniques of Swimming
13764PE 32P50ZTechniques of Swimming
12179PE 41X02Intercollegiate Water Polo
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