Rachel Catuiza



Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Spring 2023

48300KNES 5AX02Indoor Cycling
48301KNES 5BX02High Intensity Indoor Cycling
47276KNES 6AX50ZAerobic Power Walking
48110KNES 6AX52ZAerobic Power Walking
45095KNES 11AX51ZCardio Kick
48303KNES 15CX01Total Fitness
48304KNES 15EX01Cardiovascular and Strength Training
48305KNES 19EX01Body Sculpting
48112KNES 19EX50ZBody Sculpting
48111KNES 19GX01Core Conditioning
48302KNES 19GX02Core Conditioning
47277KNES 19GX50ZCore Conditioning
47883KNES 25A50ZStretching
47884KNES 25B50ZActive Isolated Stretching
47179KNES 5464ZIntroduction to Sport in Society

Winter 2023

38077KNES 5AX02Indoor Cycling
38079KNES 5BX02High Intensity Indoor Cycling
37073KNES 6AX50ZAerobic Power Walking
37608KNES 6AX51ZAerobic Power Walking
38084KNES 15AX01Cross Training
38080KNES 15CX01Total Fitness
37612KNES 15CX51ZTotal Fitness
38083KNES 15EX01Cardiovascular and Strength Training
37065KNES 15EX52ZCardiovascular and Strength Training
38081KNES 19GX01Core Conditioning
38082KNES 19GX02Core Conditioning
37610KNES 19GX50ZCore Conditioning
37074KNES 19GX51ZCore Conditioning
37067KNES 25AX51ZStretching
37068KNES 25BX51ZActive Isolated Stretching
37075KNES 26AX50ZBasic Pilates Mat Exercise
37607KNES 5450ZIntroduction to Sport in Society
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