Classes I Teach

Summer 2024

13563KNES 6AX50ZAerobic Power Walking
13565KNES 15CX50ZTotal Fitness
13722KNES 15EX50ZCardiovascular and Strength Training
13564KNES 19GX51ZCore Conditioning
13193KNES 25AX50ZStretching
13194KNES 25BX50ZActive Isolated Stretching
13195KNES 50A64ZOrientation to Lifetime Fitness

Spring 2024

45244KNES 15CX53ZTotal Fitness
46712KNES 15EX54ZCardiovascular and Strength Training
45552KNES 19DX59ZResistance Training 1
47274KNES 25AX50ZStretching
47275KNES 25BX50ZActive Isolated Stretching
47879KNES 31AX01Beginning Badminton
47880KNES 31BX01Intermediate Badminton
47881KNES 31CX01Advanced Badminton
48316KNES 4865ZIntroduction to Coaching
47524KNES 50A50ZOrientation to Lifetime Fitness
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