Scott Hertler


Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Summer 2019

12104KNES 15E3Cardiovascular and Strength Training
12103KNES 19A2Strength Development
12105KNES 25A1Stretching
12732KNES 25B2Active Isolated Stretching
12106KNES 31A1Beginning Badminton
12107KNES 31B1Intermediate Badminton
12729KNES 31C1Advanced Badminton

Spring 2019

45606KNES 12G1Self-Defense
46085KNES 25A1Stretching
44680KNES 25AX1Stretching
46083KNES 25AX2Stretching
44967KNES 25AX3Stretching
46086KNES 25B1Active Isolated Stretching
44681KNES 25BX1Active Isolated Stretching
46084KNES 25BX2Active Isolated Stretching
44968KNES 25BX3Active Isolated Stretching
45234KNES 31AX1Beginning Badminton
45235KNES 31BX1Intermediate Badminton
45236KNES 31BX2Intermediate Badminton
45237KNES 31CX1Advanced Badminton
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