Christian May
Part-Time Faculty Instructor


Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Summer 2021

13204KNES 22AX51ZHatha Yoga
13206KNES 22BX50ZYoga for Relaxation
13205KNES 22DX51ZFlow Yoga
13207KNES 22EX50ZYoga/Pilates Combo

Spring 2021

47312KNES 22AX51ZHatha Yoga
47313KNES 22DX52ZFlow Yoga
47373KNES 32AX50ZBeginning Tennis
47374KNES 32BX50ZAdvanced Beginning Tennis
47375KNES 32CX50ZIntermediate Tennis
47342KNES 39AX50ZVolleyball Level 1
47343KNES 39BX50ZVolleyball Level 2
47344KNES 39CX50ZVolleyball Level 3
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