This event takes place in the past.

A Day In The Life Of Recovery Exhibit


All-day event.

DeHart Library

This is a reoccuring event.

Mary Sullivan

408 8648732

“A Day in the Life of Recovery tells the stories of real people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness or a substance use disorder and gone through tough times, yet have come out the other side stronger than ever. The individuals we are profiling are tough, resilient, and so much more than their diagnosis. The people featured are like all of us: they have family, friends, hobbies, goals, insecurities, good days, bad days, and hearts full of passion and drive. This project’s mission is to bring mental illness and substance use out of the shadows and create a campaign that simply paints these characteristics as normal challenges along the spectrum of the human condition. Let’s start a conversation about these important topics, and let’s show our community that the recovery process provides hope for individuals who may feel as though nothing else can help.”
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