BIOL-6C Schedule — Summer 2024 

BIOLOGY–006C.02y: CRN 13587

 Synchronous Labs/Exams/Presentations:
  5 hrs x twice/week:    Mon & Wed; 9:30–2:20

& field sites

 Asynchronous Labs:
   1 hr x twice/week


 Asynchronous Lectures:
   2 hrs x four times/week


Instructor: Bruce Heyer

 Email: heyerbruce @

 Online Office Hours: By arrangement

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BIOL-6C: Ecology & Evolution Summer 2024 Schedule (pdf version for printing)

Week Date Day Lab / Field Topic Asynchronous Lecture Topic Text
1 July 01 Mon

 Ex. 1A & 1B: Scientific investigation

 Ex. 1C: Statistical Analysis, part A

  Introduction to ecology  Ch. 52
Asynchronous Lab

EcoBeaker®:  Experimental Design

  Biogeography "
July 03 Wed

 Ex. 2A & 2B: Vegetation transects

 Ex. 1C: Statistical analysis, part B

  Guest Lectures: Climate zones & terrestrial biomes "
Asynchronous Lab EcoBeaker®: Patchy Prairies (+ workbook)   Population dynamics & life history strategies  Ch. 53
2 July 08 Mon

 Ex. 3A, 3B & 3C: Population size & dispersal

 Ex. 1C: Statistical analysis, part C

  Community ecology  Ch. 54
Asynchronous Lab EcoBeaker®: Population Growth Models   Biodiversity dynamics
July 10 Wed  EXAM 1
 Ex. 1C: Statistical analysis, part D
Form project teams
  Guest Lectures: Niche partitioning and biodiversity  "
Asynchronous Lab EcoBeaker®: Isle Royale   Case  Study: Wolves and moose of Isle Royale  
3 July 15 Mon Field Day: De Anza campus birds
 Ex. 4A & 4B: Bird diversity
  Guest Lectures:  Apex predators &  keystone species  "
Asynchronous Lab EcoBeaker®:Keystone Predator
  Ecosystems — energy & water   Ch. 55
July 17 Wed

Field Day: SF Bay Refuge / Baylands
 Ex. 4B: Bird diversity-Site 2
 Salt marsh ecology

  Ecosystem resource cycles  "
Asynchronous Lab  EcoBeaker®: Top-Down Control   California ecological provinces Atlas of the Biodiversity of California
4 July 22 Mon

 Ex. 4B: Bird diversity - habitats 1 & 2
 / Statistical analysis of diversity

  Pollution and ecotoxicology
   Ch. 56
Asynchronous Lab EcoBeaker®:Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (+ workbook)   Conservation & restoration  "
July 24 Wed  EXAM 2
 Ex. 5A & 5B: Behavioral ecology
  Behavioral biology   Ch. 51
Asynchronous Lab EcoBeaker®: Limiting Nutrients (+ workbook)   Watershed & stream ecology  
5 July 29 Mon

 Ex. 5B & 5C: Behavioral ecology
 / Nominal data statistics

  Origins & paradigms   Ch. 22
Asynchronous Lab EvoBeaker®: Sickle-Cell Alleles
  Mechanisms of evolution   Ch. 23
July 31 Wed

Field Day: Stevens Creek Watershed
 Riparian & stream ecology

  Case  Studies: Microevolution examples and mechanisms  "
Asynchronous Lab EvoBeaker®: Genetic Drift
  Reproductive ecology & sexual selection  "
6 Aug 05 Mon Final research reports / class presentations   Speciation & diversity  Ch. 24
Asynchronous Lab EvoBeaker®: How the Guppy Got Its Spots (+ workbook)   Guest Lecture: Connecting Genes to Ecosystems
Aug 07 Wed  EXAM 3    
Asynchronous Lab EvoBeaker®: Darwinian Snails    

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