Mission Statement - De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect,  character and abilities; to realize their goals; and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the 
nation and the world. The college engages students in creative work that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the college’s Institutional Core Competencies: Communication and expression, Information literacy, Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility, Civic capacity for global, cultural, social and environmental justice, Critical thinking

 — Updated spring 2014

April 25, 2017 Agenda

Location: ADM109
Time: 1:30-3:00

Time Agenda Topic Purpose Discussion

Approve Meeting Notes - January 24, 2017

A Cheu/Cruz Approve the notes
1:35-1:50 Q2 District Financial Update I/D Cheu Information Sharing
1:50-2:05 Q3 De Anza Financial Update I/D  Cheu Information Sharing
 2:05-2:20 District Annual Fiscal Self Assessment  I  Cheu Information Sharing
 2:20-2:25 New Audit Firm  I  Cheu Information Sharing
2:25-2:50 Accreditation - Quality Focus Essay D/A  Cruz Review & provide feedback
2:50-2:55 Accreditation - Timeline for Self Study Review D/A  Cheu/Cruz Review timeline
 2:55-3:00 Quick News I  All Information sharing

A = Action D = Discussion I = Information

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