Measure C Phase II Furniture, Fixtures And Equipment: What Can You Buy With These Measure C Funds?

New funding from the Phase II Measure C Bond sale has become available for furniture, fixtures and equipment.

This funding is not for refreshing faculty & staff desktops or printers; lab desktops or printers; or multi-media equipment in classrooms. Separate funds for these projects have already been set aside at a standard cost. These projects are coordinated by ETS. Currently, the refresh rate of this equipment is 5-years.

The purpose of the Phase II FF&E dollars is to fund initiatives and projects that will enhance instruction and services to students. The following section will discuss the kinds of furniture, fixtures and/or equipment that are allowable under the Measure C guidelines.


Furniture and equipment are tangible property that costs at least $100 and has a useful life of more than one year. Supplies and consumables are specifically excluded from this definition - unless such items are required in order for the equipment to function & are purchased at the same time as the equipment.

To determine the cost of furniture and equipment you may include normal incidental costs necessary to put it into location or initial use (e.g., delivery, installation, initial warranties, sales tax, testing, breaking in, setup, assembly, trial runs, foundation).


Supplies and consumables cannot be charged to Measure C. In general, supplies and consumables are items of expendable nature that are consumed or worn out, deteriorate in use, or are easily broken, damaged or lost. Examples include light bulbs, toner cartridges, paper, office supplies (pens/pencils etc.), cleaning materials, test tubes, etc. These items must be purchased with non-Measure C funds.


Requisitions using Measure C FF&E funds must be separate and distinct. Measure C requisitions must not be combined with any other purchases using district fund FOAPS. Expenses cannot be transferred to Measure C if items are purchased from other funding sources.
Purchase requisitions for Measure C furniture and equipment should not be combined with purchases of supplies or consumables. If supplies or consumables are purchased in conjunction with furniture or equipment, a separate requisition order is still required for the furniture and equipment.


If your project requires the technical assistance of ETS, your division will have to go through the ETS / De Anza College prioritization process as approved by the Technology Task Force and College Council. For more information supplied by Fred Sherman, Vice Chancellor & Chief Technology Officer, please click here.

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