Meeting Notes - January 22, 2013

1) Approve the Notes from November 13, 2012

Chow reviewed the notes which were approved as read.

2) Budget Updates

 2013-14 Budget Released

Linda Thor's Budget Update Message (web page)

2013-14 Governor's Budget Summary (pdf)

CCC Chancellor's Office Press Release (web page)

Enrollment is down 712 FTES districtwide. De Anza is flat for winter 2013. F/H is down. Summer and Fall 2012 both campuses were down. The State provides $4565 per FTES. We have 3 years  to make up the lost 712 FTES, including this 2012-13 academic year. This equals approx. $3.5 million in revenue. If the district cannot increase enrollment within the allowable time frame this will become a permanent funding reduction.

Annual FHDA ongoing costs. $1-2 million (step/column/benefits/utilities, etc.)

No COLA for 4 years really hurts the budget. Historically it is used to offset annual FHDA ongoing expenses, to restore B Budgets, and for salary increases.

A loss of $3.5 million in enrollment revenue would increase our deficit to between $4-5 million.

The deferment of State funding costs the district approx. $1 million in lost interest income.

The economy has not recovered jobs to 2007 levels yet. It's only projected to do so in 2014.

14 vacant De Anza faculty positions are being eliminated. However, the campus will be hiring faculty in key departments to maintain FON.

Here are the major components of the proposed 2013-14 budget for community colleges:

  • No change in student fees.
  • $196.9 million (3.6%) for increased apportionments, without specifying the use. There will be a discussion about the balance of access/restoration and quality through the budget process.
  • $179 million for deferral buydown, reducing borrowing needs of community college districts. This reduces the outstanding deferral to $622 million.
  • $133.2 million in increased General Fund in 2013-14 to recognize that anticipated redevelopment revenues are not materializing. In 2012-13, the Administration is proposing $47.8 million to offset proposed redevelopment shortfall, which will likely leave districts with a significant current year deficit.
  • $16.9 million to provide increased access to matriculated students through the use of technology.
  • Change the census-based apportionment system to provide a larger apportionment amount to students who are still enrolled at the end of the semester/quarter.
  • Limit state-supported instruction in community colleges to 90 units. Units beyond the cap would be not be state supported, but available at full cost to the student.
  • Require all students seeking a BOG Fee Waiver to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Shift of the remaining adult education program, including $300 million, from K-12 schools to community colleges, and an additional $15.7 million from the K-12 apprenticeship program to community college apprenticeship programs.
  • Creation of a $450 million energy efficiency fund for schools and community colleges using funds from Proposition 39 (counts toward Proposition 98 guarantee), with $49.5 million for community college projects.

SB 1456 - Student Success Act of 2012

Chow updated the group on the ongoing work being done by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges on the Student Success Act. She reminded the team that there are no additional funds to cover the implementation of the recommendations.

The eight Recommendations of the Student Success Task Force

Recommendation 1
Increase College and Career Readiness
1.1. Collaborate with K-12 to jointly develop common standards for college and career readiness

Recommendation 2
Strengthen Support for Entering Students
2.1. Develop and implement common centralized diagnostic assessments
2.2. Require students to participate in diagnostic assessment, orientation and the development of an educational plan
2.3. Develop and use technology applications to better guide students in educational processes
2.4. Require students showing a lack of college readiness to participate in support resources
2.5. Require students to declare a program of study early in their academic careers

Recommendation 3
Incentivize Successful Student Behaviors
3.1. Adopt system-wide enrollment priorities reflecting the core mission of community colleges
3.2. Require students receiving Board of Governors Fee Waivers to meet various conditions and requirements
3.3. Provide students the opportunity to consider attending full time
3.4. Require students to begin addressing basic skills deficiencies in their first year

Recommendation 4
Align Course Offerings to Meet Student Needs
4.1. Give highest priority for courses advancing student academic progress

Recommendation 5
Improve the Education of Basic Skills Students
5.1. Support the development of alternative basic skills curriculum
5.2. Develop a comprehensive strategy for addressing basic skills education in California 

Recommendation 6
Revitalize and Re-Envision Professional Development
6.1. Create a continuum of mandatory professional development opportunities
6.2. Direct professional development resources toward improving basic skills instruction and support services

Recommendation 7
Enable Efficient Statewide Leadership & Increase Coordination Among Colleges
7.1. Develop and support a strong community college system office
7.2. Set local student success goals consistent with statewide goals
7.3. Implement a student success scorecard
7.4. Develop and support a longitudinal student record system

Recommendation 8
Align Resources with Student Success Recommendations
8.1. Encourage categorical program streamlining and cooperation
8.2. Invest in the new Student Support Initiative
8.3. Encourage innovation and flexibility in the delivery of basic skills instruction

Planning & Budget Team Updates


The IPBT are raking faculty hires for 2013-14. There are 17 requests based on retirements not growth positions. The decision on how many can be hired is based on enrollment and FON. Currently only approx. 10 can be hired.

The IPBT are also holding viability meetings on the following course offerings.

Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Italian, Cantonese. No FT faculty teach in languages.

PE offerings will be considered in Spring

The budget reductions line moved up to 19 from 26.


The revised reduction list will be presented at College Council after review of budget savings by the district.


FERPBT were able to remove one position from the reduction list.

Quick News

Please participate in Friday March 8, 2013 March in March event.

Martin Luther King will be celebrated on Jan 31st

After an audit finding the district is moving toward eliminating materials fees. These funds should have a zero balance at end of each quarter for each program. Banner doesn’t have the capability to match expenses with revenues for materials fees. The college will spend down balances and not charge fees after Winter 2013.

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