Meeting Notes - February 9, 2010

1) Approve Notes of November 10, 2009.

The notes were approved.

2) Campus Budget Issues: Recap of PBT Activities; Early Alert of Potential Layoffs

Rich Schroeder gave an IPBT update:

- Reviewed plans
 - Talked to each Dean
 - Prioritized list of reductions
 - Sent prioritized list of reductions to academic senate & classified senate
 - Sent prioritized list of reductions to College Council

The same procedure for hiring new faculty (10) would go to College Council this week (Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010) in order to meet current obligation of 516 FTEF.

Some programs from the division lists were discussed.

The team reviewed the list of early alert employees; discussed bumping and services offered to employees.

3) District Budget: Categorical Funds & ARRA Funds; Banner Update

The team discussed ARRA distribution to De Anza. Discussed transfer of $1,000 among categorical funds to release mandates.

March 1, 2010 is go-live date for Banner Financial Aid. April 1, 2010 is go-live date for Banner instructional supports i.e.: catalog, schedule, resource 25, etc. May 1, 2010 is go-live date for registration, record keeping. All is supposed to be done by June 1, 2010.

4) Status of Governor's Budget for 2010-11

The members reviewed the Governor's Budget released on January 8, 2010.

Summary of Governor's budget:

1) Plan covers a $20.7 billion shortfall: $6.3 billion (2009-10) & $14.4 billion (2010-11).

2) Relies on $6.9 billion in federal funds. Failure to receive will eliminate CalWORKs and other social services.

3) Breakdown of community college reductions:

  • Enrollment growth: $126 million to fund 2.2 % (26,000 FTES)
  • Student fees will remain at $26 per unit ($17.33 at FHDA)
  • Negative COLA: 0.38% COLA ($22.9 million of base apportionment)
  • Career and technical education: increase of $20 billion
  • EOPS: $10 billion reduction
  • Part-time faculty equity: $10 billion reduction
  • Property Tax adjustment: $29.3 million backfill
  • Categorical: Flexibility for basic skills & EOPS funding 
  • Suspension of competitive Cal Grant
  • Suspension of Full Time Faculty Obligation Number (FHDA is currently 516)
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