Meeting Notes - February 22, 2011

1) Approval of Notes from January 25, 2011

The notes were approved

2) Accreditation Update

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance. Anderson shared that the team on STD IV is reviewing campuswide communications.

Jeanpierre noted that the draft of Standard III is currently being edited and will be posted to the website once the revisions have been made.

De Anza received a positive letter from the AACJC congratulating us on the work we have done so far and encouraging us to keep moving forward.

3) Communication

 a) Shared Governance

Jeanpierre reviewed the shared governance process and reminded the team of their responsibilities of reporting back to their constituent groups. She asked the team how they currently report back to their groups and what ideas they have to improve the process. Team members shared their feedback and made the following comments: 

  • The Portal could be a good communication tool
  • Employees are overloaded with work and cannot always find the time to review the information
  • Training and teaching on the budget should be an ongoing process
  • Anderson has made a sizeable effort to improve communications within the academic senate. He is mindful of the need to share information without overwhelming people
  • Cutbacks and layoffs have been the norm in previous years and people have become desensitized & fatigued.
  • Remind employees that they should try to stay informed as the decisions the college makes over the next 18-months will have dramatic impacts
  • The expectation of others picking up the duties previously done by laid-off staff needs to be reviewed. Staff cannot keep doing more work without it affecting health and productivity
  • How are we going to take care of the areas and the people who are left trying to keep up with the changes and extra duties?
  • The college cannot continue to be all things to all people. Hard decisions will have to be made on what the college's mission will be and who the college will serve
  • There is a perception that information shared with the Deans is not being forwarded to the departments
  • The Marketing office is understaffed

b) Web sites: Governance & Budget Information

Jeanpierre reminded the team to visit the budget information web site and the governance groups web sites and to share the existence of these sites with their constituent groups.

4) Budget Updates


Jeanpierre briefly outlined the League's updated district impact page that demonstrates the three scenarios of budget cuts threatening community colleges. The worst scenario now includes the Legislative Analyst Office's $1.085 billion cut released last Friday. This information is posted on the web site.

FHDA Jeanpierre reported that the three scenarios for the district were also posted online and that the budget situation was still very fluid.

 5) Quick News

Nugyen from the DASB reported that De Anza is ranked second in transfers with a rate of 61%. The average transfer rate is 44%. Foothill was ranked first. The March in March action day is on the DASBs agenda.

Present: Anderson, Bloom, Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Patlan, Reza, Schroeder, DASB – Nguyen,

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