Meeting Notes - February 24, 2015

Approve Notes from January 27, 2015

The notes were approved.

SSSP Update

Cheu provided a update on the SSSP project. 2014/15 spending deadline has been extended until December 31, 2015. The hope is that the State Chancellor’s Office will also extend next year’s deadline as well.

The Equity funding spending deadline has also been extended until December 31, 2015.

Currently hiring several positions Outreach positions and counselors for BHES and PE.

Clarification is requested on the distinction between Grant and Categorical funding with regards to the SSSP positions. 

Understanding Funding

Cheu reviewed the types of funding for the district. She used examples from the adopted budget document to assist in the explanations.

Discussion on funding for post 1997 retiree medical plans. The auditors require an actuarial plan.

The District does a "311" report that reflects the actual spending for the year.

The State can also take back funding already allocated to Districts and defer funding until future years.

San Jose-Evergreen and Mission-West Valley districts are both Basic Aid. Basic Aid refers to a community college or K-12 district that does not receive state funds because its revenues from local property taxes provide more than it would receive under state formulas.

Quick News

FA have put forward a request for a 2.5% COLA and an adjustment to the salary schedule.

Present: Bryant, Cheu, Cruz, Gerard, Joseph, Kirkpatrick, Watson. Visitor: Lofgren. Notes: Gibson.

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