Meeting Notes - March 9, 2010

1) Approve Notes of February 9, 2010.

The notes were approved with a minor typographical correction.

2) Accreditation

The accreditation website references a large amount of information. It is posted at This website is a valuable tool to help guide the process and the team is encouraged to utilize it.

The team reviewed the site and familiarized themselves with the content. There was an extensive accreditation workshop last week which many of the accreditation team members attended. Jeanpierre gave the team an overview of the workshop. Jeanpierre explained the highlights of the four accreditation standards.

Argyriou recommended the team re-look at the rubric for the resources section.

Stacey Cook will be a good resource as her previous college just completed their accreditation.

3) Items from Board Meetings

The 2nd quarter report is published. Copies can be found in the VP Finance department.

The reduction plan was reluctantly approved at the March 8, 2010 Board Meeting.

4) Burning Issues

  • Instructional PBT: IPBT is looking at released / reassigned time. There will be an extra IPBT meeting on March 12, 2010 to further address this topic.
  • Finance & Educational Resources PBT: FERPBT will look at processes for future decision making.
  • Student Services PBT: SSPBT is looking for a co-chair to replace S. Sellitti who retired.
  • Technology Task Force: TTF also needs a co-chair as W. Chenoweth stepped down due to schedule changes.
  • ETS: ETS is working on the computer refresh project.

Present: Argyriou, Bloom, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Lee Klawender, Schroeder. Notes: Gibson

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