Meeting Notes - March 10, 2009

1) Approval of Notes from February 24, 2009

The notes were approved.

2) New De Anza Budget Web Site

Jeanpierre shared the link to the new budget web site. She briefly reviewed the content and recommended that questions/rumors be sent to the site to be added the the Q&A page.

3) FHDA Plan to Reduce $11 Million Structural Deficit

Jeanpierre advised the team that the complete document was posted on the web site at

4) 2009-10 FHDA Budget Update

Slater displayed her and Andy Dunn's Board of Trustee's presentation and explained it in detail. During the discussion the following points were clarified:

  • Mid year changes were made to the figures due to Job Corp and TBA hours
  • District needs to stabilize enrollment at 08-09 levels. One year is hold harmless and allowed three years to restore, but funded at lower level during three years
  • To maximize enrollment Deans are looking at productivity and College Operations are looking at classrooms
  • Due to the budget measures on the June ballot, the "May revise" might only be available in June
  • Revenues are made up of property tax, apportionment, and student fees
  • There is no backfill for loss of state property tax in 09-10
  • FHDA currently has no deficit factor for 09-10
  • Job Corp was effected by Title V changes
  • Positions are budgeted at $80k
  • Foothill has more B Budget than De Anza because F/H used their PFE money for B budget and DA used their money for positions.

Jeanpierre advised the team that Brian Murphy would not make any decisions until after the program reviews were finalized. Student Services and Educational Resources Divisions had completed theirs, Instruction would complete theirs by end March.

5) Burning Issues


Present: Argyriou, Bloom, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Larson, Lee-Klawender, Milonas, Sellitti, Slater. Notes: Gibson

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