Meeting Notes - April 14, 2009

1) Approval of Notes from March 10, 2009

The notes were approved.

2) Andy Dunn's Budget Presentation to the Board April 6, 2009

Jeanpierre reviewed the presentation and highlighted the changes.

In addition to the information contained in the presentation, the team clarified/noted the following:

  • The most recent projections showed FHDA's deficit had increased from $6.7M to $9.2M
  • These figures presumed no changes to the May Revise for community colleges
  • FHDA is better off than other colleges because we have one-time funding
  • President Murphy is of the opinion that the College's B Budgets are already too depleted to withstand any further reductions
  • Deans are looking at options to restore 1400 FTES from Job Corp in Summer
  • Spring enrollment is strong
  • De Anza is expecting to maintain cap
  • Job Corp was primarily dropped due to new legislation regarding TBA hours
  • President Murphy is visiting each division and department to talk in person about the budget
  • The Instructional Program Reviews are complete (approx. 750 pages)
  • Sellitti shared that the $10M reduction back in 1991 had a huge negative impact
  • What do we want the college to look like on the other side of this budget crisis?
  • With the appointment of Martha Kanter to the Under Secretary of Education, President Obama has shown he recognizes the role of community colleges in education

3) De Anza Budget Web Site

Jeanpierre shared the link to the new budget web site. She briefly reviewed the content and recommended that questions/rumors be sent to the site to be added the the Q&A page.

Jeanpierre reviewed the questions from the Academic Senate and the team pooled their knowledge to give answers and supply the background information. These Q&A's would be posted to the web site. Some of the questions discussed were:

  • Class size limits - Noted that if all classes were 25 the district would lose $13.5M
  • Why is Spring quarter important to enrollment? - Last chance to finalize enrollment & load
  • 67% part time faculty load
  • Dollars for reclassification are a permanent B to A budget transfer
  • With the exception of out of state/international students, community colleges do not keep student fees but get paid $4500 per FTES from the State
  • Cal State gets approx. twice as much. UCs get approx. three times as much per FTES
  • Equalization dollars were one time
  • VTEA / CTA are vocational programs
  • A list of fund types and explanations

Present: Argyriou, Bloom, Gerard, Hearn, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Lee-Klawander, Michaelis, Milones, Sellitti. Notes: Gibson

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