Meeting Notes - April 24, 2012

1) Approval of Joint TTF & CBT Notes March 1, 2012
The notes were approved.

2) Budget Update
Jeanpierre reviewed Bernata's scenarios summary spreadsheet which was updated on 4/17/12. Each college & central services are being asked to bridge the gap between January's budget reduction dollar amount and the updated worst-case scenario figures.

The net deficit for 6/30/12 is now projected to be $12,850,705. The 2011-12 original goal was $10.4M. The 2012-13 revised goal is $17.3M.

De Anza's portion is $7.5M. The college has already achieved $3.5M in reductions from January's budget reduction work but now has a further $3.9M shortfall to bridge.

Enrollment is soft. Spring to Spring figures are down 2% for DAC and 9% for FH. P2 is down 1924 FTES districtwide. This equals approx. $8M. Bernata will incorporate the new P2 figures into an updated spreadsheet. Statewide enrollment has been strong up until recently but has started to soften. Foothill are offering an early summer session schedule which is mainly online. They are hoping to restore some of the lost enrollment.

The major difference between scenario B and scenario B-revised is a higher deficit factor and decreased enrollment.

The updated budget scenarios will go to the PBTs for discussion. The district wants the colleges to work on updating their reduction scenarios immediately. No dollar amount budget reduction targets for the PBTs have been set yet. 

Previous reductions have included: attrition, fund balance, stability funding, reorganization, layoffs.

PBT review and discussion
May revise (mid May)
Reduction scenarios to BOT in June

3) Quick News
FF&E Request Update: FER & SS PBTs have both completed the prioritization of their requests. Instruction are still working on theirs. Ordering for capital projects already started (MLC/ATC/Track & Field) will take priority. There will be training for staff inputting Measure C requisitions in Banner.

SLO Convocation is on Friday April 27th.

AANAPISI student conference is on Thursday April 26th.

Tax measure should make it onto the November ballot.

BOG C EFC threshold: The new difference between Cost of Attendance and EFC for BOG eligibility in 2012 2013 is now $1104, instead of $1 previously. Latest information shows that changes to financial aid for 12-13 will not have a large impact on DA students but there is concern that these changes will prevent many families from taking advantage of the program.

Wanda Lee: stated that when compared to her home institution she found De Anza's budget process to be: transparent, complicated, detailed, refreshing, participatory, energetic, and favorable. 

Retirements: Schroeder & Michaelis.

Present: Chow Hansen Jeanpierre Jenkins Lee Michaelis Mieso Patlan Schroeder. Notes: Gibson

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