Meeting Notes - April 26, 2011

1) Approve Notes from April 12, 2011

 The notes were approved.

2) Budget Update

Timeline: Each PBT will draft its division-wide budget reduction proposals and present them along with the other PBTs for review at College Council on May 26, 2011 for final decision. The Colleges and district will each present their budget reduction proposals to the Board on June 202011.

May revise is coming up in May 15th and will be the next budget information available. The state budget may not be approved until September.

The FHDA tentative budget is published in summer. The adopted FHDA budget goes to the Board in September

PBT Reports:

I-PBT departments are reviewing their options for budget reductions. Cuts must still generate the required FTES. Proposed budget reductions for the divisions are based on the percentage of their budget. This method of allocating reductions is only a starting point for discussion purposes. On May 19 & 20 I- PBT is holding a collective meeting to discuss each of the proposals and come to a decision.

SS-PBT started presentations last week and will continue in the following weeks. Then there will be a major meeting to collectively discuss the options available. They have approx. $4.8M in cuts. The team decided to use a 30% reduction across all areas as an exercise to see how it will impact the departments and the college in general. The results will be a first draft analysis and is expected to show how students will be impacted.

FER-PBT has reviewed all its department program reviews. The Bookstore, Dining Services, Print Shop, CDC are all self-funded and do not use general fund money. This area has approx. $1M in reductions. Jeanpierre reported that each manager would talk to their departments to discuss and elicit input for potential budget reductions. The results of these departmental discussions will be brought to the FER- PBT meeting on May 10th for division-wide review. They will then draft a division-wide budget reduction proposal and present it along with the other PBTs for review at College Council on May 26, 2011.

 Jeanpierre opened the meeting up to general discussion and Q & A.

  • The team should practice rumor control if they hear anything incorrect
  • Part of the general discussion is trying to make sense of it all 
  • Transparency of the budget reduction figures and process has been helpful
  • Foothill is working on their budget reductions that may have an impact to the employees/departments on our campus
  • CTIS is being re-orged at Foothill
  • Students are worried about program elimination
  • Foothill, De Anza and HR need to be aware of the impacts of personnel changes and need to work on better communications.
  • Perception from the community that FHDA is not taking action and are wondering why other colleges/schools are already making reductions.
  • Be aware of the perceptions of the public as it may impact voting and enrollment.
  • New buildings on campus are funded from Measure C restrictive dollars
  • Enrollment management will be key in the next few quarters
  • There was a survey done to ascertain the reasons for the lower than expected enrollment. From those who responded, the main reason was that students couldn’t get the classes they wanted at the time they wanted.

3) Accreditation

The accreditation steering committee has updated the deadlines, which do not allow for any late submissions.

4) Quick News

DASB: Ecopass will be on the student ballot. It will be approx. $3-2 per student per quarter. All students will be eligible for the pass. The details are still being finalized. Should be operational in fall. Carpool/ride share services will also be investigated for the next year.

Present: Anderson, Bloom, Jeanpierre, Lee-Wheat Mieso, Michaelis, Reza, Schroeder DASB Leo Nguyen. Notes: Gibson

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