Meeting Notes - May 13, 2014

2013-14 Third Quarter Report – Fund 114 General Fund

The budget is much improved. Jeanpierre shared a summary of the third quarter report and explained the major changes. Clarification of the $14.8M variance in the operating expenses row would be sought.

Jeanpierre also distributed a handout named Summary Of Net Change In Fund Balance And Carryover. $4.8M carryover is expected for De Anza College.

May Revise

Today, Governor Jerry Brown released the May Revision to his proposed 2014-15 State Budget. Putting aside money for a “Rainy day” fund was a main thread of his presentation. Governor Brown focused on three main points:- Medical benefits; paying down debt & the unfunded liability pension plans.

Jeanpierre shared two handouts related to the May revise. The first document was a comparative chart reflecting the changes to the major community college items. The changes were:

Ongoing funds (general apportionment only) addition of 0.85%

Enrollment growth is reduced from 3% to 2.75%

Student Success and Support Program  addition of  $100M.

Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure increase from $15.790M to $20.390M

Physical Plan and Instructional Equipment reduced to $148M for maintenance only with no matching in 2014-15

Economic and Workforce Development an additional $50M

Telecommunication and technology an additional $1.4M

ACCJC Planning Agenda for CBT

The Campus Budget Team’s planning agenda is Develop clear policies and process for writing and pursuing grants. The co-chairs would frame a process. 

Governance Assessment – annual update form

The team completed the Governance Assessment Annual Update Form. The response to question 7a. “briefly explain the progress made toward completing the planning agenda by the Midterm Assessment (August, 2015 or Self-Study Assessment (May, 2017).  Would be completed after collaboration with the budget director.

Quick News

Close to 3000 students and parents attended the open house last Saturday. Approx. 625 students attended an orientation & 94 sat assessment tests. Also approx. 200 parents attended the parent orientations. In total, the outreach department has contacted over 1000 high school students.

Present: Cruz, Gerard, Jeanpierre, Joseph, Kirkpatrick. Notes Gibson.

Apologies: Watson & Bryant.

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