Meeting Notes - May 24, 2011

1) Approve the Notes from April 26, 2011

The notes were approved.

2) Budget Update

Although the May Revise came in with some better than expected numbers, with the Department of Finance identifying an increase in revenue of $6.6 billion covering the 2010-11 and 2011-12 years, the District has decided to present the original reduction plans of $30M to the Board. Part of the reason for not changing the requirement of the plans is that a lot of energy and thought has been put into these plans. The district pointed out that there is not enough time to update the plans with the same amount of campus-wide input and thoughtfulness and still meet the Board’s deadline.  The reduction numbers will be updated as the district determines our budgetary relief.

Each PBT is completing their budget reduction scenarios to present to College Council on May 26th. These scenarios will also be presented in the closed session at the next Board meeting on June 6th.

It was noted that it's advantageous to be on a quarter system as it give us more flexibility to plan.

There was a question on what College Council will do in terms of supporting the scenarios from the PBTs if they think the college cannot run with the cuts identified. Jeanpierre explained that the college has an obligation to following through with the Board’s request for a budget reduction scenario to address the $30m shortfall. The team hoped that the President would share the college's concerns that the depth and breath of the cuts identified would mean the college would not be able to function.

Update from the PBTs

IPBT: Lee-Wheat reported that the deans were very appreciative of the faculty and work that had gone into the reduction process. In summary, they came to the opinion that they could not sustain such vast cuts without severely impacting students. Schroeder outlined his budget reduction scenario as an example of the process that the IPBT and deans followed to determine where to make reductions. In his scenario they have a list of positions that they would like to fund when money becomes available. Clarification was need from the IPBT on how the college would address growth positions.

SSPBT: Patlan reported that they had finalized their plans.

FERPBT: Jeanpierre reported that the Finance and Educational Resources PBT were meeting later today to finalize their budget reduction plans.

The process for the restoration of budget when funding becomes available has not been determined. One idea was to restore on a student/college need basis rather than a percentage split for each area. Another was to allocate budget to the VP areas and the PBTs would decide what to restore.

Rumor control: The PBTs are just rubber-stamping plans and classified will bear the brunt of the budget reductions again. IPBT have the largest portion of the budget reductions and they have identified a large number of classes that would be cut and that would affect many part-time faculty. The SSPBT & FERPBT’s are mainly staffed by classified staff, instructional associates, and non-teaching faculty. With this depth of budget cuts there is no way to reduce the district operating costs without impacting employees.

3) Accreditation

Std 1 is almost done. Jenkins is still waiting for updates from the other standards.

4) Quick News

EcoPass passed by a large majority at the student elections. It is approved as a mandatory fee of up to $5. There is still some budget and logistical issues still need to be addressed.  Campus Center fee will be increased by $1.50.

This is Leo’s last meeting and he is transferring to Texas. The team thanked him for doing an excellent job as a team member and wished him much luck at Texas.

All are encouraged to attend the CDC Playground dedication on Friday May 27th at 2pm.

Present: Bloom, Angela Cabellero de Cabrero (new counseling dean), Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Lee-Wheat, Michealis, Patlan, Reza, Schroeder,  Leo Nguyen (DASB). Notes: Gibson

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