Meeting Notes - June 8, 2010

1) Approval of Notes May 25, 2010

The notes were approved.

2) Grants

Richard Galope will be attending College Council on June 10, 2010. Presently there is no defined process for approval/review of grants.

The team reviewed the notes from the grants discussion from the April 27, 2010 meeting. Jeanpierre asked the team for input on how the process should look at De Anza.

Disabled Student Services, Jim Haynes, brought a grant proposal to senior staff for review. The grant was for $250k over five years for helping place DSS students with employers.

Questions/comments from the discussion:

  • Who will oversee the grant?
  • Perhaps a panel of College Council could come up with a set of questions and criteria?
  • Committee might vary depending on the area.
  • Galope would post the grants proposal to the web for a grants committee to review.
  • Keys points are: mission, focus, being nimble, and making decisions quickly.
  • Set up a robust web site immediately. Include flow chart procedures/links to grants sites/samples.
  • Full time grants experienced accountant.
  • District has to show they enthusiastically support the ideas of a grants office and that the district will support, honor and respect the value of the grants and the individuals who secure the grants.
  • 10 years ago De Anza had a grants writer who did not feel she had the support nor was valued by the district/college.
  • Grants department would be instrumental in finding available grants that fit into the mission of the district/colleges.
  • Will there be a districtwide process and then a separate De Anza process?
  • Will there be a top down decision process?
  • FH and DA will likely have different processes for grants approvals.
  • The process might be that each campus decides on what grants should be pursued and those ones get forwarded to the districtwide grants office.
  • Capacity of grants office personnel? Grants office prioritization of grants if more than one or two grants come in?
  • Person bringing in the grants should complete a one-page questionnaire that answers a set of predetermined questions that force critical and thoughtful thinking.
  • Jeanpierre will pull some more information together.
  • Galope will address the vision of the grants office.
  • A parcel tax will help get the grants office up and running.

3) Measure C

Jeanpierre passed out a half-sheet handout that reflected the latest report for the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee quarterly meeting. She updated them on the dollars spent. The money is for a 15 year period. There is currently $5M in unspent dollars. Citizens Bond Oversight Committee is asking the colleges to account for what they have spent and what remains unspent. The Citizens Bond Oversight Committee also require a plan for what the colleges will be spending the allocation on in the future. This is an opportunity for divisions to go back and review and update their plans. The original plans were done approximately 5 years ago.

What is the process for allocating the next tranche? De Anza needs to show the campus has gone through a thoughtful process. The team reviewed the 2006 prioritization process.

All existing equipment is on a five-year replacement plan. If divisions wish to change the plan they are able to do so but must show a thoughtful plan that reflects the goals of the division.

For existing allocations, Jeanpierre will provide a report of how existing resources have been used. Divisions will produce updated plans for unused balances. Divisions can request additional monies in accordance with existing guidelines.

All of the classrooms will be remodeled into smart classrooms using Measure C dollars. The current process is that the Deans bring requests to the prioritization meeting.

This proposal would be taken to College Council for review.

4) Parcel Tax

The Board approved going out for a parcel tax on the November 2010 ballot. The study done by Godbe Research showed that the ballot test resulted in a positive response of approximately 49% of respondents indicating they would answer “definitely yes” and 26% saying “probably yes”.

Parcel tax dollars are more flexible but dollars must still be spent as indicated in the ballot proposal. It will bring in approximately $6.8M over 4 years.

Godbe used information from college of San Mateo and adapted it for our needs. San Mateo's parcel tax is being voted on today. (note: the parcel tax was passed) The questions were quite specific and some areas were notable missing e.g . life long learning and PE. Districtwide cuts were approximately $15M but the parcel tax money might not be in the areas that we lost money.

How would De Anza like to move forward? This is an opportunity to reevaluate our direction and use resources to

East cottage collapse. 

Present: Gerard, Sims, Argyriou, Schroeder, Michaelis, Jeanpierre, Bloom, Reza, Irvin, Lee-Klwander
Notes: Gibson
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