Meeting Notes - June 12, 2012

1) Approval Notes from May 22, 2012

2) Budget Updates

- Friday is constitutional deadline for State Budget submission.

- Jeanpierre passed out a district document reflecting the most recent budget figure update.

- Unresolved issues with redevelopment dollars. CCC is requesting backfill dollars.

- Tax measure in November

- $600m swings between if pass or fail.

- Workload reduction means our cap is reduced.

- FY 12_13: Best case net deficit 6/30/12 - $ 8,198,631

 Worst case: $ 13,488,790

- $4.6m loss in enrollment.

- Chasing WSCH. 3 –years to make up enrollment to adjusted cap (after work local reduction).

- $4.1m estimated EFB on 6/30/12 for De Anza. It is expected some of these funds will be swept.

- Unfunded ongoing expenses are being indentified. Eg: tracdat, omni update.

- There are fewer discretionary funds in the future.

  • SSPBT: very difficult decisions to make. Division will not be able to function adequately with this level of cuts.
  • FER _PBT: a fund is self-support transferring budget.
  • IPBT: Meeting today to finalize the process for their area will be working with SSPBT during summer on details.

3) Quick News:

Comments to students:

  • Thanks to Wanda Lee for her contribution.
  • Thanks to Margaret Michaelis for her contribution over the last years.

New Director Budget and Personnel: Bret Watson.

Present: Jeanpierre, Mieso, Lee, Kirkpatrick, Jenkins, Michaelis, Lee-Wheat. Notes: Gibson

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